How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last and How to Care for Them?

A person’s hair tells a lot about their personality, specifically in the way they style it. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with beautiful long locks of hair that can be fashioned as they wish.  Clip in hair extensions can be the best solution if you have thinning hair, flat hair, or short hair. 

This clip with long locks of hair is easy to wear and can instantly add volume to your hairdos. Clip them to your hair in a manner where others cannot see it and style it as usual for a brand new look. 

Best Investment for Your Hair

Of all the hair accessories you will buy in your lifetime, hair extensions would be the choicest of the lot without a doubt. Salon visits can leave you with nice-looking hair for a short period and an empty pocket. Extensions offer an affordable and long-lasting solution. 

If taken care of properly, hair extensions can last for as long as a year! But sometimes, they last somewhere between 3 to 6 months. The key is to treat them like natural hair with proper care and maintenance. 

Short Term Solution

This easy hair solution is also perfect if you want to wear it for specific occasions and not as an everyday requirement. For example, if you are an athlete, dancer, etc., you can easily take them off before the activity and clip them back on in an instant. 

This practice of removing the extensions when you are doing certain activities allows for proper hygiene and ensures that the extensions last much longer. Plus, it will not be highly damaging to your hair when you have clip-ins. 

Easy to Wear

Clip-in hair extensions are often dubbed to be challenging to wear, making people think professional help is needed to put them on; this isn't the case at all. 

All it takes is a little practice to know how to put on clip-in extensions easily. Take the clips and place them at the root of your desired area and snap them shut. Make sure that you place your existing hair over the clip to conceal it. If appropriately fastened, they will stay securely in your hair throughout. Within 10 minutes, you'll be set to go. 

Tips to Wash and Care for your Extensions 

Hair extensions are not like your natural hair, and therefore, they don’t need to be washed often because they don’t get oily. The suggested timeline for washing extensions is after 20 times of wearing them or some product build-up. Over-washing can wear out your extensions, be wary of this. 

The products used for cleaning also play an essential part. Ensure you use sulfate and alcohol-free products. Avoid products that can dry out the hair and make it frizzy and tangled. 

After you've got the products ready, the actual process of washing becomes easier. It's the same as washing your natural hair. Fill your sink or bucket with water, apply shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Then, when it comes to conditioner, apply from top to bottom and lather the product well. 

Ensure you use room temperature water for this, and then finish off the final rinse with cold water to keep in the moisture. Do not use a blow dryer and opt for an air dryer. 

It’s also advisable to use a hair mask for the extensions to give it luster and shine. However, unlike our hair masks routines, you can leave these on the clip-ins for 5-6 hours and air dry. 

Important Considerations

Never sleep with extensions on your hair, as they will end up tangled by the time you wake up. Hair extensions must be treated as your natural hair and therefore need to be combed just as frequently. Keep combing the extensions regularly and make sure they don't get tangled.