Here Are Few Tricks To Find The Best Motels For Travellers

When you are travelling along the empty and vacant roads, getting an accommodation facility sounds almost impossible and that’s when you come across these small buildings having a limited number of rooms where you can stay overnight or for a day or two at the most. These are called Motels and they are usually located on off-beat roads and miles away from the city. Hence, you need to be very sure about the one you are selecting. 

Motels are not the first choice unless it’s an emergency or you are on a long road trip and need to rest before you hit the road again. So here we will give you a checklist of the things you have to do and consider while making a selection of motels along your trip.

Highlight The Motels On Your Map First

Make a list of all the motels that are on your way before the trip. This will help you search for the ones with good reviews and ratings also find information about the motel online. If it suits your needs you can keep them on the list and remove the ones that do not fit. 

Look For A Motel With Parking Facility

Almost all the motels have parking facility but some may have open parking space, some may have fenced parking area and some may charge for the parking spot. Selection of motels based on parking facility for your car will help you decide which motel you want to stop over. Motels do not have the option of valet parking so the management of the motel is not responsible for your car, hence make sure the motel you choose has a safe parking area with a fence at least. Also, make sure the parking charges aren’t too high.

Make Sure There is an Eatery Nearby 

Some motels have in house 24 hour restaurant, this can also be added as a criteria for the selection of motels. Whether it is dinner or having a breakfast the next morning, you will need a diner or a café within the premises of the motel or nearby the motel. Check the reviews to learn about the food and the ambiance quality of the eatery and make sure the place is hygienic. After all, you wouldn’t want to fall sick during your trip. 

Do Not Ignore Safety

Like the hotels, resorts, motels do not have high end security system, instead they have very basic security system. This is why making a selection of motels is the last option for many Travellers. But, if you truly need to stay in a motel, make sure to choose one having safe environment. The motel should at least be located in or around a small community and easy access to the nearest police station. 

Choose Decent Motel For Staying Shortly 

Regardless of the place you are travelling to, make sure the motel has a decent ambiance. Check the reviews earned by the motel to know whether drunk people and the usual road hooligans take shelter in the accommodation or not. If yes, do not take that options because such motels are not safe at all.

Make Sure To Let The Owners Know Your Requirement 

While making a selection of motels, you have to let the owner know about your needs. Be it a room with attached bedrooms or twin sharing beds, you need to let them know what you are looking for. If the motel’s infrastructure does not match your requirements, it’s ideal to look for the next option in your list. 


Making the perfect selection of motels might not seem to be important for many. But, if you are going to spend a few dollars during your stay in the accommodation facility, make sure you choose the best motel present along your journey