Guide: Bathroom Tiles & Decors For Restaurant Bathrooms

Few restaurant owners neglect to take care of their bathroom look. This is one of the major reasons that turn restaurant business to failure. Bathroom pictures are a few fun moments for your guests, so ensure to decide the perfect theme & decor to style the bathroom. 

Many times customers don’t visit the restaurant because of uncleaned & dull bathrooms. Thus, affect your sales! Undoubtedly, the bathroom gives an impression of your restaurant. Keep reading to know what bathroom tiles & decors are in trend to rebuild your restaurant impression. 

In-Fashion Restaurant Bathroom Tiles

➤ Timeless Subway Tiles to Never Obsolete

Versatility is the key that always keeps you above all! Similarly, timeless subway tiles are one of the popular versatile design options. They come in a variety of patterns, colors, and materials. If you want the bathroom to look bright, then look for light hue tiles. To add a night look, go for dark brown & black subway tiles. Subway tiles never go out of style and will always catch your visitors’ attention!

➤Glass Mosaics to Add Exciting Accent

This really needs a good budget as glass mosaics design bathrooms are beyond words. The bathroom looks phenomenal and stands true to luxury bathroom designs. To have an attractive glass mosaic bathroom design, add pops of color, shine and shape to the back of the mirror. Also, glass mosaics are one of the best shower tiles that people want for their home bathrooms. 

➤ Large-Format Tiles for Clean Look 

Restaurant bathrooms are generally bigger than home bathrooms. Large-format tiles can make sense as they cover larger areas in less time. To have a clean look, opt for these tiles to make your restaurant bathroom look bigger & tidy. The tiles have less grout lines that make a small space look bigger. Elevate the bathroom look by adding wood-look planks and 3-D tiles.

Printed Tiles to Have Contemporary Style

A very demanding style in 2021 is a mixture of contemporary yet traditional restaurant bathroom styles. There is no one way to go with printed tiles; you can design them the way you want. For instance, with simple plain ceramic tiles, add printed 3-D or sculptural tiles to add contemporary flair to your traditional look. 

Other Ways to Add a Spark to Your Restaurant Bathroom 

➤Play with Lights

Use soft-light bulbs with some metallic fixtures to make your night bathroom look more appealing. This adds shine to the darker shade tiles and reflects a big bathroom area. If you’ve gone for light shade tiles, go with white-led lights to always look brighter & refreshing.

➤ Right Flooring

To make your bathroom look spacious and attractive, choose the right flooring. For instance- to have a rustic look go with anti-skid metallic touch tiles. Your floor tiles must match with your wall tiles to add shine & maintain aesthetic. 

➤Quality Yet Modern Fixtures 

Just imagine, you went into a restaurant bathroom, and the water taps are hard to close or open. Surely, this will give you a bad experience, and you never want to go to the bathroom again. Choose the bathroom fixtures smartly enriched with quality and modern look to offer a better customer experience. 

Big Size Mirror on the Wall

As mentioned, bathroom pictures are one of the favorite ways of your many customers to capture moments. Have large size mirrors to let your customers flaunt their style in front of them and also look spacious. 

These are some eye-catching trends for your restaurant bathroom. Choose your favorite, and feel free to customize that suit your restaurant’s overall theme.