Gift Cards: A Much Better Way of Corporate Recognition over Cash

Cash has indeed been one of the most common ways of recognizing employees at workplaces in the past. But now it’s all about gift cards. They offer advantages when compared to cash rewards and this is the reason  free gift rewards are a much more accepted option nowadays. According to a recent Incentive Research Foundation study, 53% of organizations offer rewards as gift cards and not cash, especially an easy and unique virtual gift card.If you want to understand why it is so, read on to understand the main reasons:

  • Gift Cards Come with More Discounts

With a gift card, the recipient’s chances of saving more with a discount increase by leaps and bounds. How? Well, for example, you have provided Amazon gift cards to your employees that are worth $500. There are many convenient options for purchasing and sending a virtual gift card on Amazon. Now, let’s say those among your employees who will try to redeem the gift card during the Amazon Christmas sale, won’t get a whopping discount on their desired product? They will not only be able to save a lot when there is a sale but above that, when they will have a gift card with them, it will be a cherry on the cake!

  • Gift Cards Bring a Personalized Touch

You admit it or not, don’t we all love presents? And especially, when they are the personalized ones, rather than just a generic, random gift. Well, a virtual gift card or conventional one is one such thoughtful way of gifting your loved ones which shows how much you know the person and their likes and dislikes.

Hence, if you practice the culture of giving gift cards of their choice to your most efficient employee or the most creative team member as a token of recognition then they will be happy to know that you understand them well. There is a gift card for everything, right from KFC to premium salons. Even better, you can add a personalized touch to the gift cards by adding graphically appealing images on them or by including a personalized text with that. Your employees will surely love it with such a customized touch from you and eventually, they will feel valued.

  • Gifts Cards are a Better Incentive Option

Getting a reward in the corporate world is something that motivates people more than anything. If you want to give an incentive to one of your most valued employees, there can be nothing better than presenting a gift card. It can be a memorable gift for them and it can also boost their work performance. Well, cash bonuses and gift cards both can be used to highlight the performance of your employees but the latter is a much more meaningful way. Your employees can use that to do something thoughtful in place of just another random chunk that they will end up spending for something as basic as paying their bills!

Wrapping Up

If you have not leveraged the power of gift cards for offering great benefits to your employees, start using them soon. You will be surprised to know that they are loving it!