Fun in the Summer Sun: 5 Essential Summer Vacation Planning Tips

We're finally here! 

Summer is nearly upon us, and it's fair to say that there is more anticipation in the air than ever to get away.

In fact, one YouGov survey showed that 51% of Americans plan to travel over this year. 

If you are included among them then you certainly deserve to have one to remember. But as with all things, the only way to guarantee that your trip goes off without any hitches is with good summer vacation planning. 

So to help you out we have put together our favorite vacation planning tips. Read on and see what you need to do to get it right. 

Do Try to Please Everyone in Your Summer Vacation Planning

Under normal circumstances, if you planning on having a good time then it would be wise to focus on yourself. But having that mentality on holiday with your nearest and dearest can lead to tense atmospheres that nobody has time for. 

We're certainly not saying that you need to bend over backward and give in to everyone else's whims but your own. It's your time too! But if you're a certified beach bum and your other half isn't, then it's only fair to fit in a few days checking out the town too.  

Get a Great Deal

Do you know the only thing better than that feeling of getting away on holiday? Knowing that you got a bargain to get there!

That extra cash you've saved can be spent on sangria rather than on tickets or your hotel if you do enough research. So where should you look? A deep dive on comparison sites is a good place to start and this Funjet article goes through why it is a great option if you prefer to have a more customised experience at a great rate.

Make Sure You Book Time Off!

It may seem obvious but the best-laid plans can suddenly fall flat if you leave it till after you book your holiday to let your work know that you are going away. 

Don´t make that mistake by taking the time to check in to see exactly how much you have available to take off. If you fail to include this in your summer vacation planning it could end up leading to a very expensive mistake. 

Plan Your Itinerary

There are two types of people in the world. Those who love to do summer vacation planning and those who don´t. 

Well, even if you would rather bite off your own arm than figure out each of your stops, this year it would pay to do so. Due to Covid regulations, many venues such as museums and even restaurants have put restrictions in place to ensure they adhere to lower capacity requirements. With this being the case it would be wise to at least do some summer vacation planning ahead of time.  

Support Small Businesses 

Small businesses have taken a big hit over the last year, especially those related to tourism. What better way to that the local economy for helping you have a great time than to seek out the odd mom and pop stores for your gifts and souvenirs. 

In doing so you can be sure to end up with a more authentic local summer vacation experience.

Hello Blue Skies

Now that most of us are finally being able to properly do some summer vacation planning be sure to make the most of it by following our tips. 

Be sure to share with a friend to keep the holiday buzz going, and check out our other great holiday content.