Follow These Jaw-Dropping Styles To Rule The Fashion World This 2021

The year 2020 was a mild one for fashion, with most design houses opting for comfortable and home-specific wear. The coronavirus shut down several operations and brought into force lockdowns and travel restrictions. As a result, fashion in 2020 focused more on loungewear and athleisure. However, 2021 promises to be an exciting and glamorous year for fashion, with designers looking to reinvent themselves. Online luxury shops, such as Salon Prive, are heading the fashion revolution this year with unique and bold designs. Are you planning to set your fashion foot forwards this new year? If so, here’s a quick look at some jaw-dropping styles that will dominate the fashion world in 2021.

What the Experts Have to Say

Fashion designers had a muted 2020, with most runways and fashion shows requiring postponements and cancellations. However, these experts believe that 2021 will be an exciting and refreshing year for the clothing and textiles industry. More and more design houses will be flaunting their innovative and stylish designs to make up for the lost time. Here’s a quick look at what the experts predict will rule the glitz and glamour industry this year.

  1. Military tones may make a comeback this year, with tonal greys and greens being a color of choice for many. Chic neutral shades allow designers maximum flexibility with their designs and work as an excellent base for creating utilitarian silhouettes. Such products also transition well from daylight to nighttime lighting, making them a quick crowd-favorite. 
  2. When it comes to virtual runways, most designers prefer gray and other illuminating colors as they photograph better than alternative colors. Additionally, they allow for the implementation of creative and practical sensibilities which audiences love. Silhouettes work well because they serve as lounge and professional wear, with comfort being an integral factor in the past year.
  3. Comfort will be high on the list of priorities for customers as the last year allowed them the luxury to stay in home clothes. As a result, designers will keep these sensibilities in mind and pick lighter fabrics and breezier designs that flow easily. Even brides may choose comfort over style this year as they will take some time to shake off old habits, and hence, products will need to be free-flowing and flexible. 
  4. Experimentalism will have a massive impact on fashion this year as designs scramble to combine movement with elegance. Most individuals will want to deviate from traditional pieces this year. People spent considerable time in their loungewear last year, leading to fashion frustrations. As a result, fashion houses will have to bring together innovative experimentation with ease and comfort. 
  5. The addition of heirloom and classic items to designs will receive the limelight this year as designers marry the traditional with the modern. Woven handicrafts, designs using seashells and dried flowers, and metallic embellishments will raise the standard of contemporary pieces.

Must-Have Clothing Pieces for 2021

2020 impacted every facet of our lives significantly and highlighted how supply chains and distribution channels need to evolve. The coming year will focus heavily on improving and optimizing such channels and will focus on sustainable sourcing. Online stores, such as Salon Prive, have focused on such initiatives to offer their clients access to sustainably sourced materials. The millennial market values green initiatives and will respond well to brands that engage in sustainable choices. As a result, studies show that green fashion will grow at 6.8% to hit an $8.25 billion evaluation by 2023. Additionally, fashion experts have also stated that the coming year will feature several loose and free-flowing pieces of clothing. Here’s a quick look at some of the fashion must-haves for 2021.

  1. High-waisted pants made using cotton or line will create ripples in the men’s fashion segment. These pieces have already become a sensation in the women’s market. These pants help individuals look leaner and taller by accentuating their slimmer waistline. Such products are representative of the early 1960s or late 1950s and can incorporate free-flowing silhouettes with ease. 
  2. Statement sleeves made using bold, ornate designs and materials will gain popularity for being fashionable, elegant, and functional. These styles are reminiscent of the 1980s, and experts predict ruffles, bell, and balloon sleeves to make a big comeback this year. 
  3. Heels with chunky soles for added comfort will be a massive trend in 2021 as it marries style with ease of use perfectly. Such designs allow women to gain a height advantage without sacrificing posture and comfort. These dress shoes also work as casual footwear and allow women to pull off different styles with ease while avoiding heel, back, or foot pain.
  4. Wider and looser cuts that facilitate better ventilation and movement will rule the runways in the coming season. As design houses move further away from skin-tight styles, we will see the incorporation of ballooning and flowing elements in dresses and tops. A more relaxed or looser fit allows individuals to breathe and move better, leading to the popularity of oversized sweaters. Similarly, boxy blouses, flowy dresses, and loose-fitting pants will replace skin-tight and curve-hugging pieces. 
  5. Earthy, laid-back tones might replace neutral shades in the coming decade, with most people preferring them over minimalist whites and blacks. Such warm tones have found a way into high-street and fast fashion at break-neck speeds by replacing black and white combinations. Some of the most popular shades of last year include ochre, mustard yellow, deep brown, rusty reds, and light cyan. 

Tips to Stay Stylish in 2021

  1. Invest in a good jacket as it will become one of the most sought-after pieces in 2021. These allow individuals to add more depth and warmth to their ensemble and work as the ultimate layering piece. 
  2. As we transition from spring to winter, make sure you opt for knitted and ribbed fabrics for added textural elegance. These pieces allow individuals to appear sleek while remaining business casual and comfortable. 
  3. Ditch your uncomfortable heels for flat platform sandals, which are easier on your feet and back. These provide an even rise from the front to back, allowing women to correct their posture and remain sleek or elegant. 
  4. If you are looking to add bold elements to your wardrobe, go for shades of pink, such as fuchsia or bubblegum pink, for a color explosion. These add warmth, boldness, and vibrancy to your clothes while also staying visually aesthetic.  
  5. Disco-ball gowns with silver embellishments are a must-have trend for parties this year and can help you reinvent your fashion sense. These statement pieces will feature mirror work and glazy finishes while remaining fluid and flexible.

Final Thoughts

2021 promises to be an exciting year for fashion, with design houses trying their creative best to stand out. Luxury stores, such as Salon Prive, have already debuted their summer and spring collection to rave reviews. You can put your best fashion foot forward this year by following the guidelines mentioned below. Did we miss out on any trend that will define the current year? If so, let us know in the comments below what fashion styles you are expecting to dominate in 2021!