Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/x0NvSdPk404

Five Incredible Things to Do in Auckland


Auckland has it all. The large metropolitan city of New Zealand’s North Island offers stunning beaches, gourmet delights, world-class vineyards, amazing natural wonders, and plenty of exciting activities. If you have the opportunity to visit one of the most captivating places on the planet, here are five incredible things you can do.


1. Visit the Volcanic Auckland Domain


One of the most visited sites is Auckland Domain. It contains the explosion crater and most of the crater rim of Pukekawa Volcano. Around the site, you will find beautiful walking routes, several sports fields, the gorgeous Domain Winter Gardens and the Auckland War Memorial Museum. There are many incredible wonders to see around Auckland Domain. It is one place you want to make sure is on your list of must-visits.


2. Jump Off Sky Tower If You Dare


At 1,076 feet tall, you cannot miss the Sky Tower’s dominance over Auckland’s skyline. It is the tallest freestanding structure in the southern hemisphere, and if you have the courage, you can jump off the top. Of course, you will be attached to a bungee rope, so you do not have to fear for your safety, only your nerves. Alternatively, you can walk around the tower’s edge. The view from atop is simply stunning, and if it is your first time in Auckland, viewing the city from the highest point is a great way to get to know the lay of the land. If you are still looking for excitement after jumping off the tower or walking its edge, you can head to the structure’s base where you will find the Skycity Auckland casino. Alternatively, you can head to a local bar or coffeehouse and play games like poker and roulette at an online live casino instead.


3. Enjoy Incredible World-class Food


Food can be just as exciting as jumping off a high tower, although admittedly in a different way. Auckland is well known for its cosmopolitan and diverse world-class food producers. Whether you buy fresh produce from markets for a home cooked meal at a hostel or explore the many beautiful restaurants and eateries of central Auckland, you are in for one incredible experience. You can even embark on a tour to explore the fresh seasonal ingredients that are grown in the region. Check out Foodcraft or The Big Foodie if you want to become more familiar with Auckland gastronomy.


4. Explore the Natural Wonders of the Hauraki Gulf


The Hauraki Gulf is a nature lover’s dream. You will discover beautiful coastlines, pristine sandy beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and even an active volcano. As long as it does not erupt, you can also check out the local world-famous vineyards. But arguably the best highlight of the New Zealand region is going on a whale and dolphin safari where you get the chance to view the magnificent creatures up close. And after you have hiked or cycled through the wonderful landscape and seascape of the Hauraki Gulf, you can relax in the evening on a luxury dinner cruise. Well, you do need to pamper yourself when you are away.


5. Go Canyoning at Night


If you like adventure, you are sure to love canyoning. Never heard of it? Basically, it is the act of using a variety of techniques to navigate down a fast-flowing mountain stream in a gorge. The Waitakere Ranges, which are close to Auckland, are one of the best places on the planet to go canyoning, whether you are a newbie or an old hand. There are incredible cliffs and massive waterfalls. Furthermore, you can even go canyoning at night and spot glow worms along the way! Now, that truly is incredible.