Eyelash Extension Tips for Summer

Summertime provides longer days to bask in the sun, enjoy a walk at the beach, stay long in the pool, or stay mostly indoors. However, the warmer months come with various challenges that need you to constantly keep your skin healthy and offer your lashes extra TLC. 

Lashes need proper care during the months of summer. It would be best to ensure your Summer Lash Extensions stay perfect during the season. Therefore, here you will find tips that will help you from damaging your lashes during summer.  

5 Extension Tips for Summer Lashes 

Summer is arguably the best holiday you enjoy with your family, both indoor and outdoor. But, it poses a lot of challenges when it comes to maintaining your lashes properly. So, it would be best to learn these top tips to keep your lashes protected and looking fabulous all holiday. 

  • Rise Lashes after Swimming

Most people will want to know if they can swim with their lashes. The answer is yes, and anyone can swim with their lashes without any problem. The only issues come about with the chlorine and saltwater from the beach and the pools. They affect the lash retention ability. Therefore, it would be best to rinse your lashes after swimming with clean freshwater. Pat dry your lashes without rubbing them to remove any excess water. Also, brush it with a mascara wand to ensure it is dry. Clean, dry lashes last longer. 

  • Avoid Extreme Heat 

The most common summer activities involved BBQs and bonfires. You don’t want to be around the intense heat during these activities with your lashes on. The high temperatures will singe your lashes. It is best to stay further away from the heat to keep your lashes intact. Also, basking in the sun when the temperatures are too high can damage your lash extensions. The heat will lead to the relation of the curls and eventually leads to singe. 

  • Keep Sweat Off Lashes 

In summer, everyone sweats a lot. Human sweat contains salt deposits and natural oils, which causes a crusty buildup when left in the lashes. It would be best to keep off the sweat from your lashes by wearing a headband when playing outdoors or use a towel occasionally to wipe off the sweat from your forehead. After your sports, ensure you rinse your lashes effectively. 

  • Wash Lashes Regularly And Remove Makeup 

Summer holiday means you will be out for long, going camping, hikes, and swimming. Keeping your extensions clean is the best way to prolong their usage. You can use oil-free makeup remover to help in removing the eyeliner, eye shadow, and any makeup you may wear during the day. Then, cleans your lashes, effectively removing any dust, oil, and any buildup from the makeup. The clean lashes have strong retention and serve you perfectly. You can also check out Ellis James Designs for more tips on how to remove lash extensions at home.

  • Apply Sunscreen

It is essential to use sunscreen during the summer season to protect your skin at all costs. It is an absolute must before you partake in any activities in hot temperatures. The sunscreen has oils that can damage your lashes. Therefore, you need to ensure you avoid the eye area during application. 


Lash extensions now enable you to enjoy your summer holiday with your lashes on. You feel gorgeous and enjoy taking impressive photos all season long. Enjoy using the top JJ Eyelashes made to last. These are the perfect lashes for long days in the sun.