Everything to Consider When Choosing Nail Polish Colors

Gone are the days of choosing colors for your nails based on a clever name for the color or just because you like that certain color. Now people consider different skin tones, nail polish ingredients, and nail polish providers before getting their mani-pedi. Nowadays, they also consider nail wraps which you can buy at the shop nail wraps online.

In Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians weren't able to consider polish color options. Nail polish colors divided people by class. Those in the upper class could wear bright colors like red, while the lower class could only use nude or light colors. 

Aren't you glad you have the freedom to accessorize any way you want in 2021? If you want to give your nails the look you desire, knowing which nail polish colors to choose will help. Shop trendy nail paints online from Lovecandycoat.com and enjoy their catalog of 1200+ nail colors and they have a never-ending collection of pretty pink nail products.

Consider What Complements Your Skin Tone 

Believe it or not, just like there are complementary paint colors, there are certain colors and undertones that look better with different skin tones. 

As a rule, fairer skin looks best with dark colors usually the ones that have a blue base to them. If your skin tone is medium, dark shades of red work well. Darker skin toned people have the luxury of choosing just about any color because they all look good with their skin tone. 

What's the Occasion? 

Are you going to a wedding? Do you have an important work meeting? Are you planning a night out with friends? 

For more serious occasions, like a meeting or interview, stick to more neutral colors. A night out on the town might call for a red or a metallic shade like bronze or gold. 

Weddings vary from a casual beach wedding to a black-tie affair. You can be more fun with your color choice for the former but play it safe with the latter. 

What are you Wearing? 

There is contradictory advice on this topic. Some fashion experts opine that you should never be matchy-matchy with your nail polish to your outfit while others say it's fine to do so. 

One sure thing is to consider what you're wearing...the style, the formality, etc, and choose a color that complements your outfit. If you want a color that matches your shoes or your top, go for it. 


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Nail Polish Colors 

Remember when choosing nail polish colors, while there may be "rules" or tips, the bottom line is...do what makes you happy. Use these tips if you're going for a certain look, or attending a function where you want to look your best, or if it's always important to you to have your nail polish compliment your look. 

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