Easiest Ways To Get Residency In Foreign Countries

Moving abroad is a complex and time-consuming process but immensely rewarding too. Accordingly, it is the ultimate goal for many foreigners. Some of the most prominent reasons people relocate to a new country include attending college, a higher standard of living, better employment opportunities, better health care services, or perhaps because it provides a friendly environment to conduct business. Others may choose to migrate to avoid the harsh weather in their current country. 

However, to stay there for good, one must become a permanent resident and ultimately obtain citizenship of the particular country. Each nation has its set of laws and requirements when it comes to granting residency or citizenship. Some may offer trouble-free pathways, while others have stringent rules and regulations in place. 

If you are considering embarking on a life in another country, then read on. The article will explore some of the easiest ways to gain residence in many of the world's leading destinations.

Partner Visa

Most countries allow people to become permanent residents if they have a partner living there. However, the sponsor must be a citizen or permanent resident of that country and be currently residing there. The good news is that you do not have to be married to apply for a partner visa. For example, countries like Canada, Australia, Newzealand, UK, and many EU countries allow one to sponsor their common-law partner or conjugal partner into the country based on certain requirements.

However, you cannot sponsor your significant other to live with you in the United States, but only visit. There is no unmarried partner visa available. Therefore, your partner must be your fiance or legal spouse before they can apply for a nonimmigrant visa to enter the US and establish a stay there. If you and your fiancé marry within 90 days (as required) upon entering the country, they may apply for lawful permanent resident status, also known as a Green Card. Given that, there are several other things that you can clarify by getting a free consultation from a specialized lawyer.

All these legalities can be a little confusing for you, especially when you are just getting started. Therefore it would be a rational decision to seek advice from an immigration attorney. Here you can read more on how an immigration attorney can make this process easier for you. However, keep in mind that every case is particular and often requires a unique approach.

Work Permit

Obtaining a temporary worker visa enables you to enter and temporarily work as a lawful nonimmigrant in a particular country. You can seek temporary employment in several countries as a foreign national and use it as a step towards gaining residency and settling there permanently. 

Apart from being the top vacation destinations, some of the world’s most stable economies like Australia, Newzealand, Canada, and Singapore grant work visas for certain durations, which can then transition into permanent residency. 

If you belong to a skilled profession like STEM, law, accounting, or any other highly specialized occupation, pursuing a work visa is an excellent pathway to progress your career and obtain residency in a new country. 

However, note that you will have to first secure a valid job offer and sponsorship from your employer before you can enter the country as a skilled worker. Besides, you must also prove your language skills, have the required educational qualifications, and possess relevant work experience before being considered for a work visa.

Residency by Investment

Applying for an immigrant investor program or a Golden Visa is an easy way to acquire a second passport or at least obtain residency in a foreign country along with your family members. Golden Visas require you to make a qualifying investment of a substantial amount of money by purchasing a property or investing in a business. 

Golden Visas have grown in popularity in recent years, especially in the European Union countries. Residency in the EU provides a host of other benefits, like moving freely across Schengen areas. 

Portugal offers one of the best golden visa programs, while Ireland, Greece, and Spain follow closely. As mentioned by the Mercan Golden Visa Group, Portugal ranks amongst the best investor immigration programs in the world due to its minimal requirements and host of benefits. For example, it does not require any management experience, language qualifications, or education credentials before you can apply for the Golden Visa.

Student Visa

If you are currently studying in a foreign country or plan to do so in the future, then the prospect of getting permanent residency (PR) is on the cards. After completing their studies, many international students decide to stay in the country permanently and choose to apply for residency upon graduating.

For example, you can apply for a post-graduation work permit in Canada which authorizes you to work anywhere and gain valuable work experience. During this time, you can fulfill your requirements towards obtaining a permanent resident status and apply under the Canadian Express Entry immigration program. 

Similarly, students can stay in the UK after graduating by applying for the Post Study Work Visa (PSW). After five years of working a graduate job, they may apply for permanent residency in the country provided they meet all other conditions and requirements.

Startup Visa

Do you have an innovative mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit? If yes, then many countries are looking forward to welcoming you to their land and making a difference in their economies. And not to mention, they will offer you permanent residency in return as you turn your ideas into reality in their country. 

Most entrepreneur visas available are temporary that eventually lead to residency if you successfully meet all the conditions. However, Canada provides immediate permanent residency to aspiring entrepreneurs. Canada’s start-up program aims to attract innovative entrepreneurs to the country and link them with angel investor groups and venture capital funds to help them establish their start-up business in the country.

Depending upon the country, you will typically be required to show sufficient capital to carry out the entrepreneurial activity and support yourself and your family. You will also have to present your business plan and meet the language requirements of the country. 

Moving abroad is a massive life decision. Some countries require you to surrender your nationality before granting you resident or citizen status and not accept dual nationality. Renouncing your citizenship is a profoundly serious step, requiring careful forethought and consideration. It is crucial to pay attention to the implications and consider other factors like your finances before taking the plunge. 

However, once you have made up your mind, the opportunities are endless. The number of benefits you can reap from a particular country’s economic, health, and political system can make your choice well worth it for you and your family.