Brazilian Vs. Cheeky Bikini Bottoms- What Should You Consider

Bikini bottoms to go with your bikini tops are quite hard to find. Making a fabulous beach look and minimizing the tacky tan lines needs a good quality bikini bottom. The top two options to consider when you want to show a little bit more skin include cheeky bikini bottoms and Brazilian bikini bottoms. But how would you decide the better one? We know that keeping up with the latest bikini styles is quite tough. Therefore we have done a bit of research for you and collected information about both bikini styles. Get to know what sets both styles apart and which one is the better option for you. 

We do not want you to have a frustrating experience while buying wedding suits, especially when choosing bikini bottoms. Moreover, it should be fun to choose a bikini bottom for your sun-filled adventures. It would help if you chose the bikini styles that allow you to express your fashion and feel confident in it. We do not want you to be under a catch 22 situation when choosing between Brazilian and cheeky bikini bottoms. Therefore we have broken down the blog into two parts to tell you everything you should know about cheeky and Brazilian bottoms. It will help you find the perfect match to rock the hottest beach look. 

Cheeky vs. Brazilian Bottoms

If you want an appealing bikini bottom to show off a little bit of more skin, there are endless options out there. Agua Bendita swimwear and Brazilian swim bottoms are among the most popular swimsuit bottoms to show off more skin. If you don't know the difference between the two, below is a brief introductory guide comparing these famous bikini bottom styles. 

As you'll read the blog, it'll also tell you about the considerations to keep in mind while picking up the right style. Both bikini styles are ideal for different body shapes, and you'll know what's made for you. This blog will also talk about the activities that these bottoms are suitable for. Below is the information to help you choose between cheeky bikini bottoms and Brazilian bottoms. 

Cheeky bottoms

Cheeky bikini bottoms are something that everyone has heard of. But what exactly are they? We are here to talk about that. Cheeky Colombian bikini bottoms have slightly more coverage than a thong bikini bottom. This bikini bottom style gives minimal coverage and highlights the best features of the body. However, it offers slightly more coverage than most revealing bikini bottoms. If you are looking for a perfect bikini bottoms style that is somewhere between a thong and a full coverage bottom, a cheeky bikini bottom is what will go for you.

Talking about the activities, cheeky bottoms are the right pick for adventurous activities. But if you are going to worry about the bottoms during your favorite activities, you should better go for full-coverage bottoms. The bottom line is your comfort. 

Colombian bikinis are created keeping in mind the summer days at beaches. They make your lounging in the sun more comfortable and appealing. They minimize the tan lines than other bottoms and offer a sun kissed look to make you look more fabulous. When you are at the beach, you want to show off your skin and feel comfortable in your bikini bottoms. And cheeky bikini bottoms just do that.


Whether you are curvy or have a smaller bottom, cheeky bikinis are good to go. For curvy figures, these bottoms accentuate the shape drawing attention away from the bikini. For smaller butt, these bottoms do the work of a full bikini bottom and give more coverage.

Brazilian bikini bottoms

Brazilian bikini bottoms offer more exposure and are one of the most popular bikinis bottom styles. It allows showing off your body with minimal coverage. This style is figure-flattering and helps accentuate the bottoms of all sizes. Brazilian bikinis give more exposure than cheeky bikini bottoms. If you are looking for a little more coverage, go for cheeky bottoms instead of this style. 

These bottles are ideal for activities that align with tanning. With minimal coverage, you can get a natural sun-kissed glow. 

So, pick the bikini bottoms whose features match your bikini goals. Whether they are Agua Bendita swimwear with cheeky style or the Brazilian style, choose what comforts you.