Best Merrick Credit Cards to Raise Credit Score

Merrick Credit Cards are particularly designed for those with bad credit or have poor credit records. As it jumps up your credit score and rebuilds it. It offers three best credit cards that put you in the list of best credit scorers. And you can have good credit terms while having loans, big purchases and other payments.

Merrick Credit Cards specifically feature your credit history and rebuild it with suitable terms that’s why it's a standout.

Let’s look into the best Merrick Credit Cards

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Platinum Visa Credit Card

The Merrick Bank Doubleyourline Platinum Visa Credit Card has the distinguished feature that it doubles your credit line if you pay minimum monthly payment on time for the first 7 months when the account is open. If you start Merrick Double your line card with $500 then after 7 months your credit will be $1000 it can also lower your card utilization rate and give a positive boost to your credit score.

Main Features:

  1. It has the regular APR of 23.45% - 28.45% but if you pay off the balance at the monthly basis this can help you out to maintain the interest rate.
  2. It reports all the three credit bureaus which leads to the good credit score.
  3. No, security deposit required to start with Merrick Bank Double Your Line Platinum Visa Credit Card.
  4. You can initially raise your credit limit up to $1250   which can be doubled by showing responsible behavior.
  5. It charges an annual fee between $0 - $72 for the first year and it can be increased for the next year. But doesn’t charge any monthly or card maintenance fee.

Merrick Bank Secured Visa Card

Merrick Bank Secured Visa Card is perfect for imperfect credit owners as it gives them more spending power and ability to score good credit limits. You can raise your credit limit as high as $3000 and can-do big purchases without affecting your credit limits. It also offers security features as you get account alerts also no liability on fraudulent purchases. Merrick Bank Secured Visa Card regularly reviews your account and if you are doing well then you automatically qualify for a high credit line without any extra security deposit.

Noticeable Aspects:

  1. This card helps you to get the credit line of $3000.
  2. It reports all the three credit agencies to give positive raise to your credit line.
  3. You can get free access to the FICO monthly score.
  4. Merrick Bank Secured Visa has less restrictions as compared to other secured cards you don’t need to show any savings and bank account to apply for it.
  5. It charges $36 for annual fee in the first year then pay $3 per month. You also pay a 2% fee on foreign transactions.

Merrick Platinum Visa Credit Card

Merrick Platinum Visa Card aims to provide good credit score for those who have bad or fair credit limits. It is specifically programmed to help people to build or rebuild their credit limits. As it’s an unsecured card so you don’t need any security deposit. You can gain initial credit limit of $550 - $1,250 as soon as you started with Merrick Platinum Visa Credit Card. It also gives free access to FICO score with 24/7 customer service. 

Perks and Benefits:

  1. You will be charged $0 - $72 of annual fee for the first year then $0 - $6 per month thereafter. There is also a $0 - $75 one - time account set up.
  2. You can have a great initial credit limit which can be doubled if you pay your monthly amount on time after the first seven months.
  3. It reports all the major credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) that build your credit history so ultimately you get high credit score.
  4. There is an emergency card replacement in case of loss or theft. 
  5. Your credit utilization also added up to your credit limit so it needs to be low. Spend less from the card and get high credit limits.

Bottom Line:

By having poor or fair credit limits you can’t have good credit terms and favorable conditions with lenders. Merrick Credit Cards help you to raise your credit limits or even double it by showing good credit habits. Although they charge an annual fee, the benefits and security you get are more worthwhile. These cards help you to gradually increase your credit limit with simple and easy way.