5 Best Gifts for a Dad who Loves Golf

Is your dad a golf diehard? Perhaps you are looking for a gift to wow him! Frankly, dads who are sporting fanatics are easier to please. Here is a list featuring some excellent gifts that will show your appreciation for your golf-loving dad. 

Golf vest 

Golf vests are a crucial part of any golfer's wardrobe. A vest will add warmth to his body and help maintain his body temperature without impeding the swing. Getting him a quick-dry fabric as part of his golf gear will keep him warm and also add style to his outfit. It is perhaps best if you can choose one that maintains its shape to avoid catching or bunching. If you are considering getting him that vest, here are some top features you should look out for: 

  • Warmth and comfortability 
  • Front pockets to add convenience 
  • A fabric that creates a soft feel 
  • A vest that gives a great range of movement 
  • Added protection from the rain 
  • His preferred color.

It is one gift that your dad will certainly fancy.

Golf trunk organizer 

You can help your dad be more organized by getting him a golf trunk organizer. It will do him a lot of good, especially if you heard him complaining about his car being cluttered by golf accessories. Now, getting him a good golf trunk organizer or locker will prevent his gear from rolling around and getting lost under his car seats. It will help that there will be a central or single place to store his golf gloves, golf tees, balls, and a change of shoes. Talking of tees, you can also get him one made of bamboo tee that looks much better than the boring white ones. It is a great gift for a dad golfer who might literally have everything!

A good trunk organizer will make it easy for him to head off to the golf course at a moment's notice.  

Here are some top qualities to keep an eye on:

  • Durable polyester with rip-stop technology and waterproofing on the backing 
  • Space to hold many pairs of changing shoes 
  • Divisions to store golf accessories
  • Pockets to hold personal items 
  • Ventilated mesh front door for easy visibility, access, and aeration 

Well, you will have saved him the horror of misplacing his golf accessories just when he should be headed to the golf course! 

A Unique Antique piece

Many people are drawn to antique pieces because of their history. Antique pieces also have a certain charm and beauty that is hard to find in modern pieces. They often feature intricate details and craftsmanship that is hard to find today. You can gift these types of pieces to your dad or the person who loves to collect them. For that reason you can consider sites like TDF Collectibles who seek everything from empty soda cans to million-dollar works of art. As this makes them a great addition to any room. Antique pieces can also provide a link to the past. They can be a great way to learn about a certain time period or place. This can be especially beneficial for those who have an interest in history.

A Golf Towel 

A nice golf towel is also a nice gift you can get your dad. Your dad will need a towel to keep the clubs clean and ready for a swing and more.

Here are some of the uses of a golf towel on the course:

  • Wiping down his wet or muddy clubs. They can come in handy in keeping the striking surfaces and grips clean.
  • Drying his hands before a shot. It will give him a good hit!
  • Cleaning his golf balls when they are muddy 
  • Wiping sweat from his forehead, because, huh! It is not an easy game! 
  • There could be a spill in the golf cart drink holder; again, he can keep things clean and neat. 

You can even go a step further and personalize the towel to bear his identity! Yes, add the initials of his name and wow him!

A Distance finder 

You want the big man to go all huge into the game! You can do so by getting him a distance finder. It is also known as a laser range finder. It is a great golf gift that can go a long way in improving his golfing experience. In case you are wondering why you should get him one at all, here are quick reasons: 

  • Course management: this is the way he elects to play a golf course. A range finder will help him optimize his course management by providing you advanced knowledge of distances to and from nearly any point on the golf course. For example, a distance finder will provide him with a precise distance to a fairway bunker or water hazard. He could easily transform his round by using the range finder. He can understand where he is falling short and the yardage he must hit his clubs to avoid such danger. 
  • Slope: depending on the golf course he will be playing on; a laser ranger finder will factor in the slope when providing him with the true distance required to reach the intended target. This will be a more accurate way instead of guessing the elevation change. 
  • The pace of play: the pace of play is undoubtedly the game's most important metric when one needs to acquire new and lifetime golfers. Why? Because almost all golfers want their weekly round to take less time. Getting a range finder for your golfing dad will help speed up his round as he will not waste time determining how far away he is from his target. 

Do not also forget that being certain of distances will also make him a confident golfer! 

Golf water bottle 

Golfing takes a lot of energy. Your dad will need a lot of water to keep up with the hours around the course. That is why you should consider getting your old man a water bottle that he can carry around as they play. Golfing will undoubtedly lead to sweating, but energy drinks might not be the best option at that age. Depending on whether he prefers icy water or lukewarm, get him a bottle that maintains the right temperature as he goes off to the golf course. It might sound like a simple gift, but getting one of the well-crafted water golf water bottles will make him happy! 

Wrap up

Golfing is a fun sport for beginners and pros. It is even more fun when you have the right golfing gear. For a dad who loves golf, you can help him stay warm with a golf vest, stay hydrated with a water bottle, or even more organized with a golf trunk. This is just a few. You are spoiled with choices on what to gift him. Take your pick and surprise him!