Beard Grooming Do’s and Don'ts According to the Experts

A man is not defined by his beard, but many feel as if though they became men only when they could grow a full, honest beard. It is known that beards, as well as all body hair, has mostly to do with genetics, hormones, and nutrition, so at least two of these factors can be put under control. Furthermore, once we have a beard of sufficient length, we are faced with the decision of what to do with it. Shave it, trim it, shape it, oil it… the number of options is staggering. 

That is why we should turn to the experts and see what they have to tell us about growing and grooming a man’s facial hair. Barbers, cosmetics professionals, and the like all have great experience and knowledge when it comes to looking your best and taking care of every single hair.

How Beards Grow

The beard is the lower part of facial hair, growing from the ears down to the neck, while the mustache is distinguished by growing on the upper lip. They start to appear during puberty, usually around the ages of 13 to 16. The mustache is the first to appear, followed by sideburns and chin hair, while the cheeks and neck are covered last, if ever. The whole process is stimulated by the male hormone - testosterone, though there are many other factors as well. 

As genetics also play a significant role in how much beard people can grow, there is indeed a lot of frustration about, usually, having too little hairs on one’s face. That is why some supplements, such as thekingbeard.com, are aimed towards providing more growth in areas that are too “patchy” and thus cannot be shaped properly. Your best bet is to, of course, have the genetic luck of growing a full face of hair, and maybe all you need is a bit more time if you are still too young.

Face Shape and Hair Styles

When it comes to actual grooming, there are some things you need to consider before reaching for the scissors. The beard, as well as hair in general, are the most beautiful natural decoration a human has, and they should be shaped to do their part, and not just be the buzz cut because that is the norm. 

Talking about beards, certain styles go together with certain face shapes and profiles, and if you have a distinctly shaped face - they might just do the trick for you:

An oval face combines both characteristics of a square and a circle, therefore giving the liberty of trying virtually any style. You could go for a beard that is a bit squared at the jaw while being thin and close to the face around the cheeks and sideburns. 

A square face can look very masculine on its own, and if it’s topped with a very pronounced jaw it would be almost a shame to cover it with a beard. Instead, try decorating the face with a powerful mustache, one that covers the upper lip entirely and gives a stern and strong look

Round faces have the disadvantage of easily ending up looking like a balloon if the beard that accompanies it is left wild. That is why a triangular beard is best suited for this type of face, such as a sharp goatee, or a fully grown beard that is drawn to an acute point. 

Facial Hair Nutrition

The question of hair quality can be answered by looking at both what we eat and what nurtures our beards. A full head of hair, shiny and thick, has always been a sign of good health, and it is known all too well how food and health are connected. The body, and therefore hair, is as healthy as being fed. 

As beard growth is mostly due to the presence of two male hormones, eating foods that increase them has the biggest effect on better beard growth. The first ones on the line are protein-rich meats such as tuna and lean beef. But things such as milk and egg yolk are also very rich in essential amino acids and can be eaten by vegetarians as well. And even foodstuffs that are not directly related to hormonal production, such as oranges and potatoes, are good. 

Beard oils, on the other hand, are made so to aim beard growth directly, either by stimulating the floccules on the skin’s surface or by providing the micronutrients needed for them to become stronger and grow faster.

On the rather rare occasion that you need to be clean-shaven, you’ll have no choice but to comply. But in every other scenario, growing and grooming a beautiful beard is something every man should be striving for, as it not only enhances their masculinity, but it is also a good sign of self-care.