Be Your Own Boss with an Online Career!


Sure, working in an office might be good, but what if we told you that you can do a lot better by starting an online career that allows you to be your own boss and dictate your own terms? We’re talking about a career where you decide when and how long you work for, what you do, and how you do things. A career that gives you all the day-to-day life freedom that you’ve always dreamt of.

Yes, it’s possible and there’s more than one career choice that can allow for such a life. You can stream on some of the best cam sites and make a killing in terms of income. Or if that’s not your cup of tea, you can start a blog, or an eCommerce shop, it’s your choice! There are certainly options, so let’s check out two of the most profitable online careers you can go for.


Start a Blog

Even though starting a blog isn’t all that difficult by itself, when it comes to getting it to a level where it’s a source of income, things do become a bit tricky. It takes a bit of knowledge and a lot of perseverance to make it in the blogging industry, but once you do, you will instantly fall in love with the amount of money you could be making.

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When starting out, the key is to pick the right niche and the right topics to blog about. The niche should ideally be something you’re passionate about, and even better, something you’ve got some hands-on experience with. Being passionate about the niche will allow you to start things off strong, and will help you deal with the lack of big income at the beginning. If you’ve got hands-on experience with what you’re blogging about, that’s even better, because it’s going to help a lot with the next section – making a name for yourself.

This is arguably the trickiest thing to achieve with a blog – giving your readers something different, something that’s going to make them come to your blog rather than a competitor’s. This is where hands-on experience comes in handy because you’ll be offering something unique not a lot of the competition can offer.

Once you’ve made a name for yourself and you have readers that visit your blog often, it’s time to think about monetization. Your best bet when starting off is to opt for Google Ads because it’s a neat source of income. But definitely consider things like brand deals and collaborations – that’s where the real money is.


Start an Ecommerce Shop

An Ecommerce shop is a bit tricky because it requires you to do a lot of things right, and it asks for an initial investment so you have something to sell at first. You can reinvest what you make afterward, but the first batch of products is going to be an out-of-pocket expense. If this is something you can work with, read on.

Setting up an eCommerce shop is rather easy with all the great guides you’ll find online, the tricky part is finding the right products to sell and the right people to sell them to. This will require you to do a lot of extensive research but once you’ve got that part taken care of, you’re pretty set – all that’s left is marketing.

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Marketing is a bit tricky because you need to identify your target market, and then see what kind of platforms you should be advertising on in order to reach them best. This, too, is an investment you’ll need to be making financially, but it’s the one thing that can easily make or break your entire eCommerce website, so don’t skimp on it.

Once you’ve got enough people shopping from you on a daily basis, the main thing you want to focus on is customer satisfaction. Make sure people know your shop is great, you take care of them, and you sell quality products, and you’ll have people swarming in to buy more things.

When you’ve made it this far, you’re probably tempted to employ someone else to take care of the business, effectively turning it into a passive source of income. But this is the wrong time to do so. Instead, make sure your customer satisfaction levels are as high as possible and then hand over the business to someone who wants to see it succeed just as much as you do. This is the only way to ensure it’s going to keep running as successfully as you want it to.


Which One Is Right?

Both of the options we spoke about can be turned into an incredibly profitable business, and eventually a passive source of income. One will require you to invest time, the other one will straight up require a financial investment, but if you play your cards right, both of them will pay off more than you probably expect them to.