Awesome Ways To Have Fun On the Water By Yourself Or With Friends

When last did you have time for fun - whether by yourself or with friends? Your schedule has always been work, work, and more work. Now, summer is around the corner, and you’re making plans to go to the beach alone or with a couple of friends. But, would you just go to the beach wearing colorful shorts or a bikini without engaging in any fun activity?

That would be a bummer, wouldn’t it? Now that you’ve found a little bit of you-time, it would be nice you make the most of it. Apart from the cooling effect, which is a very obvious benefit of having fun on the water, there are other amazing things you’d enjoy during your time there.

Water isn’t just for fun and play, it allows for an adventurous method of scientific discovery. In other words, you get to play, exercise, and learn too. It’s also a great way to master coordination and motor control. Keep reading to see great ways you can have super fun this summer!

Attempt Scuba Diving

With the short time you have away from work, why not attempt something you would remember for a long time? If you love swimming and are passionate about seeing what’s below those blue colors, scuba diving is an activity to try with your friends.

Even if you are not with any of your buddies, you get to meet new divers and explore a whole new part of our beloved planet. But, hey, people with amateur swimming skills might want to go through a dive school before going on this adventure just to be safe. 

Imagine the stories you’d tell your loved ones after that trip as opposed to just sitting on the sand at the beach under the hot sun with your sunglasses on. The peace and calmness you’d experience down there are second to none. It’s the perfect activity to relax, have fun, and learn at the same time. Do also ensure you’ve got the right gears for your awesome adventure. 


This article is all about fun and adventure on the water - the next on the list is paddleboarding. Fast becoming one of the most popular water sport activities in America, paddleboarding is a water sport that is performed in an open water body, preferably, the ocean. You can use your arms while you lie on the board, kneel or stand on the paddleboard to swim and propel it forward.

It is quite broad and there are many ways to have fun with it. But, first, you need to find yourself a paddleboard - visit PaddleBoardTips.com to find the best board that suits your preference and budget.  Paddleboarding is like a combination of surfing and kayaking. Plus, it is also an activity you can do with your friends. Anyone can attempt this. 


Have you ever seen people in a one-sized canoe paddling on TV or in real life before? Well, if you haven’t or have but didn’t understand what they were doing, it is called kayaking. It is a fun activity where an individual moves through the water in a small vessel like a canoe using a double-bladed paddle. With the help of the paddle, the boat driver can maneuver their way through water bodies. He has to sit and face forward while propelling ahead using side-to-side strokes with the paddle. Only the driver’s upper body is usually exposed and free. The legs are extended in the close deck while the paddler sits in the cockpit. 

Kayaking is an entertaining and awesome activity for people of all levels. If you are a fan of peace and quiet, you could quietly navigate shallow waters at the edge of a lake, and people who love intense activities can take their kayak with other competitors to race in rushing waters. Like most of the activities listed in this article, kayaking is also open to anyone, whether you’re experienced or not. The only thing it requires is for you to be passionate about exploring open waters.

Wind Surfing

Another fun activity you could try out with your friends during the summer is windsurfing. The practice is basically trying to control the wind while you attempt to balance yourself on the water. 

You’d need a windsurfing board, a rig, and clothing. The board is about 2 to 2.5 meters long with a rig connected to it that can move in all directions.

There you have it, ways to have on water alone with your buddies. Don’t wait till the holidays are close before you start making plans for the fun time. Make this a holiday you’d never forget.