Authentic Handmade Men's Bracelets: A Complete Style Guide

Men's fashion is no less than women's fashion. For the last few decades, men's outfits have been a hot topic in the fashion industry. Many Hollywood male celebrities have flaunted their style in the popular fashion magazine- Vogue! Fashion brands curating new, modish, and practical lifestyle designs for men. Inspired by the classic men's jewels, the modern era brings the retro style back with some new flavors. Voguish yet authentic handmade men's bracelets have set the trend.


Here, you'll catch some ongoing handcrafted bracelets for men and also learn what styles pair with them perfectly! 


➤ Beaded Bracelet

A beaded bracelet is a never-ending style when it's about men's accessories. It is much on a casual note and renders the calming vibes. Wood beads highlight your wrist and show your cool side. You might have seen rockstars wearing the black beaded jewels while performing at live concerts. The bracelet comes in a single or multi-row design. Moreover, pretty stretchable, suiting every wrist size. 



➤Chain & Link Bracelet

This bracelet design connects links into a band. A pretty fascinating accessory made of gold & silver metal. Certainly, the bracelet is flexible and ranges from dainty chains to heavy-knit styles. A very professional-looking bracelet that pairs up with your formal suits. It reveals a more mature look rather than a teenage boy style. In short, it's a complete package of simplicity and elite fashion. You can even opt for custom bracelets for men that set you apart from the crowd! 



➤Cuff Bracelet

A cuff bracelet resembles the bangle bracelet that comes in an oval or inflexible, circular shape. Generally, steal attention with its bright gold tone. The bracelet holds a minimalistic design which makes it highly fashionable. The bracelet is open either on the back or front. Just be more cautious about the size while purchasing, as it may turn out to be loose or very tight. A playful yet sophisticated accessory that goes much with a formal look. 


➤Wrap Bracelet

The wrap bracelet is one of the unique styles. However, it's now known to many men's fashionistas. The over-layering matches the young guys' personality. Wear it when you're all set for the beach or summer day outlook. Moreover, a key accessory in summers. Handmade leather bracelets with wrap style are easily available. Try out this summer season!


Handcrafted Over Machine-Made

Handmade accessories are winning the hearts of shopaholics. It's because it contains the essence of detailed art, which you won't get in machine-made accessories. The rough patterns & designs complement the accessories a bit more. The artists involved in making handmade pieces introduced unusual styles. This is a missing gap in machine-made jewels. In reality, handmade jewels feature high quality & durability. 


Things to Consider When Buying Bracelets of Different Make

Metal - Look for sleek metal that has a finishing touch and doesn't look dull. Better to go for a gold medal bracelet cuff or silver link-chain metal as they are high on-trend.


Beads - Beaded bracelets mixed with silver or gold metal look phenomenal. The glimpse of gold or silver adds an elite texture that results in an overall appearance. 



Bracelets are a renowned style amongst men's fashion. These are some well-recognized pieces that you will surely adore. Your personality speaks much louder through your small accessories.