How To Plan A Safe Campervan Trip In 2021

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Road trips and so-called “staycations” have become a holiday of choice over the past 18 months, with coronavirus restrictions having made foreign travel a lot less realistic for most people across the globe. 

While you might be disappointed not to be going further afield, there’s a load of exciting things you can see and do from the comfort of a top-spec campervan. After all, there’s a good reason the Great American Road is a bucket list item for so many people around the world.   

However, if you’re planning on buying a campervan (or converting one yourself) to hit the open road, there are a few safety tips you’ll need to keep in mind. 

Is it safe to go on a road trip in 2021?

While road tripping through your home country is much safer than boarding a flight or getting on a crowded train, it is not completely without risk. Along the way, you’ll likely have to stop off at public toilets, grocery stores, and share public showers. 

The CDC advises that you get tested for Covid-19 before and after you travel, self-monitor for symptoms at all times, and wear a mask in public spaces. To make your journey even safer, you should also consider installing plumbing and a kitchen in your campervan. That way, you can minimise the amount of contact you have to make with other people. 

Covid-secure road trip safety tips

1. Plan your route

It’s important to plan your route out ahead of time. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, your drive might not be quite as expected. Some of your usual breaks or stops might not be open to the public anymore or, if they are, they might be running reduced hours. There could also be additional restrictions in place if you cross countries, which you’ll need to know before your trip.

2. Book in advance

Just as you need to plan your route, you also need to plan where you’re going to stay the night. While there might be plenty of free campsites open to the public when you go, chances are you’ll have to book ahead. If you want to visit campsites near you and make a reservation, there are plenty of great campsite rental apps that will help. 

3. Stock up

The less time you spend in public places, the better. So, you would be well advised to stock up on travel essentials, including food and water. As long as your campervan has adequate water storage and space to keep food refrigerated, you should be able to bring enough with you to last the whole trip. It’s a good idea to bring additional fuel with you, too, especially if you’re going on a long drive.

4. Check the weather

Chances are, you’ll check the weather anyway. But, if you find that the forecast isn’t looking good for this trip, in particular, it might be more essential than usual to postpone. With bad weather comes unexpected obstacles, and it’s not a good idea to find yourself stranded during a pandemic.

5. Check your campervan

If the weather checks out, you can start to take a good look at how your vehicle of choice is running, whether it be a used campervan or something brand spanking new. You won’t want to have to take it to a mechanic for repairs when you’re hundreds of miles away from home, particularly if that means spending the night away from the van. 

6. Pack well

Be savvy about packing for your road trip this year. As mentioned above, stocking up on essentials like food and water is recommended. In addition, you should also aim to bring any tools you think you might need, off-roading accessories, a first aid kit, and other products that will prevent you from heading to the nearest public place for help.  

7. Make sure you’re covered

It can be all too easy to let a driver’s license or car insurance policy lapse accidentally, and hit the road believing you are driving legally when you’re not. So, before you leave for a road trip, make sure that you check the validity of your driver’s license, your registration and your car insurance. It’s as good a time as any to shop around, too - if you’re going to the trouble of checking over your insurance, you may as well make sure you are getting a good deal. Car insurance for new or younger drivers can be particularly expensive, so it pays to do your homework. Also, ensure that anyone who plans on driving during the road trip will be adequately covered.

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Enjoy your trip


Follow these top tips and you’ll be sure to keep yourself and your travel companions as safe as possible, all while exploring new sights during the adventure of a lifetime.