All about the Cavoodle: 

A human-friendly dog breed


Have you heard about Cavoodle breeders before? Or Cavapoo? The Cavoodle or Cavapoo is a really charming, intelligent, small, and human-friendly dog breed.

Cavoodle is a crossbreed with a long lifespan and relatively fewer health issues. It is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ("Cav" in the name comes from here) and a Poodle, toy, or miniature ("oodle" or "poo"). We will answer all the doubts related to Cavoodles today. It is one of the most popular small dog breeds in Australia. 

So if you are a pet lover or a pet owner of a cavoodle breed dog, then you must know all about the Cavoodle breed and what things you should take care of. Pets can’t speak but you need to give them some time to understand their likes and dislikes along with what they need. This article will give you the perfect direction to look after your cavoodle dog. Let’s start.

What does Cavoodle look like?



Cavoodles are small, cute, and furry with a small round face, big eyes, and long floppy ears. The color of their coat depends upon the coat color of the parents. They are available in a wide range of colors, including cream, tan, brown, black, golden, and every shade in between. The coat can be wavy or straight, depending on which parent it resembles more.

They grow up to 30 to 35 cm in height and weigh somewhere between 5 to 12 kgs. 

What to feed a Cavoodle?



When a Cavoodle puppy transitions from milk to solid food, he or she requires more calories than an adult. An adult dog requires a more balanced diet of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. It is advisable to feed dry food to your Cavapoo to prevent tar deposition on the teeth. They are prone to gingivitis due to tar accumulation.

Is Cavoodle Aggressive?



Cavoodles are not aggressive at all. They are really calm and friendly dogs. They may bark a lot, particularly at strangers and unknown & loud voices, but they are non-aggressive. They are quite vocal, so they bark when they are hungry or in pain, or bored. With training, the barking can be reduced, but it won’t stop. So, be ready to hear their vocals all day long. 

They are gentle, loving, and affectionate in behavior. They love to please you and need your attention all the time.

Is the Cavoodle a high-maintenance breed?



They are not high-maintenance, but not low-maintenance either. Even though their coats don't shed much yet, you should brush them twice a week to keep their coats healthy and shiny. Lack of brushing might result in knots. Also, they need to be clipped by a professional groomer every 6 weeks. Their ears & eyes get infections very easily and thus need to be cleaned frequently. To answer the question above, they are in the moderate maintenance category.

Is it difficult to train a Cavoodle?



Cavoodles have a poodle's intelligence and are extremely loyal. It is not difficult to train them in household rules because they are intelligent. One thing you need to keep in mind is that they are gentle and require gentle training. They require physical and mental stimulation. A minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity is required each day. It can include going for a walk, running, or simply playing with a ball.

Is it okay if I leave Cavoodle alone?



No, it is not! They are excellent family dogs. They need round-the-clock attention. If you leave them alone for long they might develop behavioral problems and anxiety issues.

Cavoodle is a bundle of joy with soft fur. They do not need too much space. They are well adapted to small quarters. What they need the most is their human family to be around and play with them every time.