A mini-guide to buying perfect pajamas for women in 2021

One year has already passed and the majority of us are remaining at home every day during these trying times to protect ourselves and our family from COVID-19. Although most of us continue to work from home, other than “Netflix and chill” what else has been surging all over the place? Preference for pajamas! Whether bottom wear for women or men, pajamas, tights, or track pants these have almost made us all forget jeans. 

It’s not something new for men to be honest, as they are often seen in shorts or pajamas. But ladies? To dump your favorite dresses, skirts, something worthy had to replace it. Eventually, it did and pajamas are worth every replacement during this pandemic! 

What makes pajamas so important for women?

  • They're constructed of delicate materials. Unlike our typical street clothes, pajamas are usually constructed of fabrics that are kind to the skin and offer you a warm feeling. It is also important to stay update about latest luxury fashion.
  • Let’s face the fact! They are less expensive than ordinary clothing. They don't require decorations, different styles, or textiles. Because they are simpler and easier to create, they are less expensive, allowing you to get them at a reduced cost. 
  • They are absolutely clean. What exactly does this imply? It basically means that because you don't take them outside, they don't pick up pollution from the streets. Even when we wash our clothes, pollutants can still be present. Our pajamas, on the other hand, are always sterile, which is the ideal environment for something to be in our beds.

Tips to consider before buying bottoms for girls:

Choose your favorite fabric: When it comes to pajamas, the fabric is way too important; it can offer you the best of dreams or the worst of nightmares. If you don't like the way silk feels on your skin, for example, you can go for cotton instead. 

Consider your preferred style: 

In the summer, why not wear shorts and a strapless top? Or you want to go for cute pajamas for women with cute patterns and cartoon prints. So, what is your top priority?

Choose based on the season: Online availability with shipments worldwide, internet helps us to get clothing for all seasons. You have to be careful with this because, as much as you enjoy those small pajama shorts with the spaghetti strap top, you won't be able to wear them if it's winter in your hometown.

Maintenance  instructions:

As a result, this is something that a lot of people are interested in. When looking for bottoms for women, keep in mind your chosen method of care. Some nightwear can be machine washed, while others require extra attention, such as line drying or hand washing.

Our suggestion is that it's best if you choose sleepwear that doesn't require too many extra instructions for care and maintenance.

If you're looking for a night suit for everyday wear, choose fabrics that are easy to clean and durable, while for special occasions, choose delicate fabrics like silk and lace that require particular care instructions. Check out the sleepwear collection from Eberjey

Choose your favorite color: 

Colors lift our spirits, so if you're going to get some new pajamas, make sure you pick the right one. When choosing pajamas, usually black is always attractive. Pink will make you feel sweet and gentle. Other bright colors, such as green, blue, and red, will lift your spirits, while soft, pastel hues will soothe you.