9 Essentials for Packing for Post-Pandemic Travel

What’s that, you say? Borders are open, and tourists are welcome to holiday destinations all around the world? Triple yes as we speed to our laptops and book the first flight out to our tropical holiday destination that’s ready to welcome tourists.

After almost two years of not traveling, a little refresher helps ensure we get our essentials right when packing. 

But first- make sure you’re fully vaccinated and take all the precautions and measures required by the country you are traveling to, including wearing your mask if you need to. Adhere to any travel restrictions and rules at the destinations you are going to. 

Once you’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at packing your suitcase for your maiden voyage. Here’s what you can (and should take) 

A quality day bag

A day bag that allows you to transition from day to night is essential. This fact alone teaches one quickly the lesson of investing in a versatile, quality handbag. Now we don’t need to splurge exorbitantly on a Birkin, which was inspired by Jane Birkin’s frustration when she couldn’t find a preferred weekend bag. The key here is to invest in something that fits your travel location, style as well as budget. Sticking to a neutral, nude or black palette for your bag helps you to mix and match it with any outfit you have on. 

Skinny or straight-legged jeans or pants

Investing in straight-legged or skinny jeans or pants is another versatile item in anyone’s wardrobe. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on where you’re going. Pants or jeans are in style from year to year. Depending on your body type, choose a pair of pants with a leg opening that flatters your proportions. Narrower is usually better, as wide leg openings on shorter or pear-shaped people distract from the beautiful silhouette. Either way, make sure the hem goes all the way to the top of your ankle. Capris or culottes are great too, but they too have a flattering cut and are well stitched. 


If your holiday schedule involves lazing by the pool all day, sipping on mojitos and just walking between your hotel room to the beach, then maybe a nice pair of wedges gives that extra oomph to a simple outfit. High heels look marvelous, but they are generally not worn very often if one has to be walking to and fro throughout their everyday. Flats, on the other hand, provide flair, style and comfort all the way through. So whether you prefer the ballet flat, the smoking slipper or the loafer, pick one that fits your style and put it in your travel bag. 

Versatile black dress

A simple, versatile and well-cut black dress is every woman’s staple. Whether it’s putting on a blazer for work and then taking it off and pairing your dress with long necklaces for a dinner date- the black dress spells versatility in every fiber. Black is always a safe option and makes sure your dress or suit comes with exquisite tailoring because a well-tailored black dress establishes the perfect silhouette and aesthetic. 


If you are not big on jewelry as accessories to your outfit, then scarves are another way to glam up an outfit, be it a shirt, a dress, shorts or even as your jeans’ belt. When you’re not sure which accessory to grab, grab a scarf. When the weather is transitioning, and you’re not sure if you need a jacket, grab a scarf. Select a warm, cozy cashmere for cooler months and beautiful, lightweight signature prints for spring and summer. You can never have too many, and you don’t have to spend a fortune.


Sunglasses are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, especially if you’re recovering from a hangover from the night before. Whether it’s elevating your no-makeup sunkissed skin or covering your eyes from the blazing sun, having a pair of sunglasses is a fashion staple many people adhere to without apology. When selecting sunglasses, take not of your face structure; choose a style that works for you. If you are not sure what works for you, a pair of aviators do the trick as it is very flattering on all face shapes. 

Simple, basic T-shirts

Simple basic t-shirts are a must-have when traveling. T-Shirts carry a carefree balance between high and low so that you can pair them up with wide-legged black pants, skinny jeans, a short denim skirt or just plain blue jeans. Select a fabric that contains a jersey and a bit of stretch, and this ensures you’ll get a good, long life from your t-shirts. 


Effortless in every shape and form- the kaftan such as these from Kaftko drives this point. Oversized essentials like the kaftan can be mixed and matched with anything to create the look you want. For instance, tailored pants underneath a kaftan give you a formal look, great for cocktail dinners. Short pants and a bikini top with a kaftan as a coverup? Well, that’s a beach crowd favorite. The idea is to balance the two opposites.

Signature day dress

A simple day dress that fits well is one of the easiest decisions one can make when traveling. Dresses make it easy for you to pack and to throw on you, and just like that- you’re dressed up and ready to go. A dress that flatters our physique and is suitable no matter where your travels may take you is a priceless comfort. Whether it’s a shirt-dress, an A-line, a sundress, wrap, or sheaths, these dresses are timeless, flattering and will last from year to year. 

These clothing items are called essentials because they give you endless possibilities in one travel bag. Carrying the right things for your travels means less space for clothes and more room for souvenirs. It’s like the carry-on capsule wardrobe that you can mix and match for whatever occasion you’re going to. The only limit is your creativity to have fun with your items and make a fashionable statement.