7 Types of Jewellery Worth Investing In

When you’re buying new jewellery, it’s important to keep the lasting value of the pieces in mind. Of course, it helps to view the purchase as an investment, since the jewellery that you buy today will retain - and maybe even gain - value as time goes on. Here are seven of the top investments that you can make when it comes to buying jewellery.

  • Gems


Gems include a wide variety of precious stones such as red rubies, green emeralds, and pink gemstones. These pricey rocks come in all shapes, colours, and styles, and the way that they’re cut and set also impacts their value. Gems are a great investment because they retain and grown their value over time; that’s why gems are so often passed down through family lines. Before you invest in gems, it’s important to research how the type of stone and the way it has been processed will impact its price and its ability to hold value throughout the years. 

  • Pearls

Pearls are a great investment because they’ve been in style for more than a hundred years, and it seems that they’re very likely to remain in style for a hundred more. This means that even your grandma’s pearl pendant will still be in vogue when you hand it down to your own grandchildren. Pearls are also well-known for retaining their value over the years, so investing in a strand of high-quality pearls is a safe choice.


  1. Gold

Gold is probably the jewellery that is most often associated with investment. In fact, many cultures around the world use gold as their primary means of saving and staying ahead of inflation. The best part about investing with gold is that you can do it in style: you can keep your investment as a necklace or bracelet or earrings and make great use of their fashion value as well as the monetary value that they carry. Gold has a high resale value, and it’s relatively easy to liquidate. That’s one reason that gold is a great gift for a friend on her wedding day or another big life event. Plus, since it’s traded as a global commodity, its value is recognized all over the world.

  • Pure Silver

Like gold, pure silver is also traded as a global commodity. If you want to invest in silver jewellery, though, you need to be careful about the quality and the purity of the pieces that you’re buying. This is because silver is often mixed with other metals when it’s being made into jewellery, and the presence and amount of these other metals have a huge impact on the price per gram of the silver. If you want a more stable and long-term investment with your silver jewellery, you should opt for the purest silver available. 


  • Diamonds

Diamonds are another safe investment when it comes to resale value. The cut, size, style, and setting of the diamond that you buy can all factor into the return that you’ll get on this investment, so it’s important to do your research before you make the purchase. When it comes to buying diamonds, it’s also important to know where your stones came from. These days, as many scandals involving diamond mines in conflict zones continue to come to light, the fair, humane, and ethical sourcing of diamonds also adds to their value. So, before you invest in diamonds, you should research and confirm where they came from. 

  • Brand-Name Watches

While brand-name watches don’t immediately come to mind when you think “investment pieces,” they actually hold their value very well over the years. Of course, this is only true if you take excellent care of the watch and make sure that it receives all of the proper maintenance. If the watch stays in good condition, it has the potential to be resold down the line at a price in line with inflation.

  • Bespoke Pieces 

Bespoke and artisan pieces of jewellery are a great investment because they are usually durable and built to last. Plus, since you’ve chosen and commissioned the design yourself, you’re more likely to wear it more frequently. While being made one-of-a-kind doesn’t guarantee future resale value, you are much more likely to get more bang for your buck when it comes to actually using and wearing a bespoke piece. 

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