5 Tips for Organizing your Winter Wardrobe

Soon enough, we all would be waving farewell to summer season. Of course, this implies that it's about time that you ditch your summer dress and replace it with your incredible winter apparel. 

And replacing summer dresses with winter ones means that one has to deal with organizing tons of dresses, that too all at once, which can doubtlessly be a daunting task for most of the individuals out there. 


It truly doesn't matter how much space one possesses in his closet; it'll always be limited. 

This is one of the numerous reasons you wish to have somebody by your side who can guide you and make it simpler for you to organize your winter wardrobe. 

With that being said, on the off chance that you're one of those individuals who is looking forward to organize his winter closet in a significant way, then we doubtlessly have got you covered. 

This guide here will surely provide you with valuable tips and tricks that can be utilized to create your wardrobe super organized and make it look classy throughout the season! 

Thus, let's discover what advantages these tips and tricks have planned for you!  

  1. Picking up the right spots in your closet for storing your winter clothes. 

First, one needs to realize that he can't simply store his winter clothes in his wardrobe in an abrupt manner. To make your wardrobe look super organized, one needs to plan stuff out.  

Winter apparels include mens leather jackets, thick socks, beanies, sweaters, etc. Unfortunately, you can't simply merge beanies and sweaters into your closet side by side. 

Both of these things should be placed in a manner that makes it easier for you to address in future. 

Thus to pull this off efficiently, we suggest you divide your wardrobe into certain portions and then dedicate each winter apparel to one of these portions. 

This way, you would surely be able to organize your winter wardrobe profoundly. 

  • Decide which winter apparel deserves to be in your closet.

This is one factor that most people usually don't consider as their priority while organizing their winter wardrobe. 

As you are now re-organizing your winter wardrobe, that too after a year, there is a high possibility that the favorite sweater of yours that you used to wear last winter doesn't fit you now. 

Hence what good would it do to you to keep clothes that no longer fit you in your closet? Yes, absolutely none.  

In addition to this, according to the study by the National Association of Professional Organizers, it is believed that 80 percent of one's clothes are worn only 20 percent of the time. 

Hence, the best way to organize your wardrobe efficiently demands you to get rid of those clothes you no longer wear. 

This would not only leave ample amounts of free storage in your closet but would also help you to make your wardrobe look clean and tidy! 

  • Ensuring your clothes are clean and tidy before storing them!

Call it a basic rule of personnel hygiene, or classify it as part of a proactive winter storage plan, one needs to ensure that the apparel he's about to store in his wardrobe is neat and tidy. 

Even if you discover the slightest stain on one of your winter clothes, you still need to clean that stain up before storing it in your wardrobe. 

You should be aware that the stains caused by sweat are hard to find in the initial stages. However, they happen to become even more visible after a certain period. 

And having said that, the longer you leave the stain idle, the harder it will become for you to remove it. 

Not only this, it will spread an unpleasant smell in your wardrobe, that of course, would be absorbed by other fabrics too, and can ruin your entire winter collection at once. 

That's what makes it immensely important for you to store only neat and clean items in your wardrobe.  

  • Make an inventory of your winter clothes. 

Trust us, once you are done with organizing your wardrobe, the last thing you want would be to mess things up again. 

Once everything is organized in your wardrobe, it becomes hard to memorize where you store certain items. 

Due to which, if you ever need those items, you might have to go through the whole wardrobe, which will surely ruin the initial setting of your wardrobe. 

This is why, to be super sure that your winter wardrobe is organized for a prolonged time, we prefer you to prepare an inventory for each of your apparel.  

your inventory, you should enter the exact location of the items that you have placed in your wardrobe. Then, whenever you feel the need to find something in your closet, the inventory you created would surely be of great worth here! 

Folding or hanging?  

In the end, one of the common reasons people usually fail to maintain their winter wardrobe is that they can't decide which items they should fold and which items they should hang. 

However, with us by your side, this isn't even a problem anymore. So, to simplify things to an extent and make things much easier for you, we have developed a solution of our own.

And the solution is none other than "Items like shirts, pullovers, and hoodies that we wear on the top would hang up, and items like sweatpants, jeans, and trousers that we wear on our lower body would get folded." 

This way, you won't face any trouble with folding or hanging things up, and hence would be able to organize your wardrobe profoundly! 

Wrapping it up! 

We are well aware of how challenging it can become to organize a closet and keep it in top-notch condition throughout the season. 

However, this isn't impossible and with proper guidance, anyone can manage to pull it off with ease. 

The tips provided to you above come directly from professionals. Hence you can remain super sure that there's no way these tips would not work for you. 

Having said that, what more do you need now? Organize your winter wardrobe now!