5 Property Problems You Should Not Try to DIY

Fixing things around the house by yourself can be a fun and challenging hobby. Sometimes you can even save a pretty penny by taking on some DIY projects.

However, there are some things that you definitely should not try to tackle yourself unless you are a hardcore professional.
Here is a list of property problems such as water damage, roof leakage, flood and damage. The best way to deal with these kinds of issues is to hire a water damage restoration company.

Messing with gas 

Let’s start this list with the thing that is potentially most dangerous - gas. If you think there is something wrong with a gas-powered appliance in your home, you should seek help from a professional.

When you start messing with something like your water heater, stovetop, oven, or any device that uses gas, there are pretty high odds that you will knock something loose, not install something in precisely the right way or even break something.

Even if you think you have taken all the precaution measures a person could take, the risk to reward ratio makes fiddling with gas-powered appliances simply not worth it. Even a small gas leak can cause significant damage, from poisoning to an actual explosion.

The best you can do on your own when dealing with gas is to make sure you have functional smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. For anything beyond that, call a professional.

Plumbing issues and water damage

Not all leaks are created the same. While you might be able to fix a leaking pipe or pour some chemicals down the drain to fix a clogged drain, or even take on a bathroom remodeling project, there are some repairs that you should not take on by yourself.

When you spot a leak in your wall or ceiling, it is time to grab the phone and give someone like Total Restoration Texas a call. This type of leak is usually a sign that there is a severe issue with your piping that can’t be fixed by putting a clamp or epoxy on the hole in the pipe and calling it a day. 

Moreover, an issue like this is often a sign of significant water damage within the walls of your home and is a call for some serious action. Worst-case scenario, you will end up with a flood and severe damage. Handling such problems on your own can even compromise your home’s structural integrity. 

Electrical repairs and rewiring 

Sure, there are some electrical works such as replacing a light fixture that you can do yourself. All you have to do is follow the instructions and make sure that the power to the place you are working at is turned off. But you should also know your limits.

First of all, you should know by now that electrical current can seriously injure - or even kill - you. 

If that is not enough to persuade you not to mess with the electronics in your home, consider that there are many appliances where warranty will be void if the device is handled by an amateur, even if you manage to fix things on your own.

For bigger jobs such as rewiring your home, you should most definitely call a professional electrician in Hilton or Newcastle Electrical Services. It doesn’t take much for a bad wiring job to start a fire.

Overall, when it comes to electronic repair around your house, the wisest approach would be to keep your DIY repairs outside the walls.

Tearing down the walls 

To put it simply - do not take down any walls that you don’t know for sure aren’t essential to your home integrity. Or, better yet, leave all of that work to the pros.

We have all seen that scene in a TV show where the protagonist decides to make some major changes in their life and grabs a hammer and starts bringing the walls of their home down. As you might have guessed by now, in reality, things are not that simple.

Behind that drywall, there are wiring, gas lines, and pipes and one wrong move can turn an innocent idea into an expensive project.

Even if you are completely certain that you are not dealing with a load-bearing wall, this is the type of repair that you should not take on by yourself.

Roof repairs 

Here is the thing about roofs - they tend to be high off the ground and falling off one is not very fun. 

If that is not enough to convince you not to take on any roof repairs yourself, consider the statistics that say that roughly one-third of all repair-related injuries come from people trying to fix their roofs. 

You might be able to fix a single broken shingle - most of them even come with an installation instruction, but if you are not one hundred percent sure that you know what you’re doing up there, the smart thing to do would be to leave the roof repairs to the folks who have the proper skills and tools for the job.