5 Major Hair Care Mistakes Your Stylist Wishes You'd Stop Making

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.”

Stylists have been finding cures to our daily hair problems. Despite what formula they come up with our hair always find a way to grow out problems. It is not about how much money you spend on your hair at a salon but it all matters how you treat your hair on daily basis. Do you even take care of it? If you’re doing it right you may not eve feel the need to be going to a salon any more. Spending thousands of money on your facial care products like face wash scrub and whatnot but a lot of women are not even aware of things for hair are like a hair mask or a serum. 

To find all those answers we visited every top notch salon in the town. Met all the best stylists and figured out what they had to say about the mistakes their clients make on every day basis.
Here are the top 5 common mistakes you do to kill your hair:

Same Old Hairstyling: 

We all love having a new hairstyle every day. From bangs in front to pulled back in a braid or a tight bun. As much time consuming as it may sound, it is actually worth taking your time. Keeping your hair in a same hair style everyday have high risks of damaging, hair fall or breaking. For example parting your marginal hairline in the same way can cause your hairline to start shedding and also cause ‘traction alopecia’. 

Tight pony tails, pulled back hair, hair in the same direction every day, tight pulled buns, very tight tied braids and even open hair if combed in the same way can be an open invite to problems like traction alopecia. According to the experts hairstyles and even the way how we art our marginal hairline should be made or parted in a different way. Tight ponytails or bun should be avoided to pull for longer hours. Every now and then new hairstyles come up on the internet and magazines. A simple change appears good and your face gets a new look. 

Not Knowing Your Hair Care Products: 

Taking immense care of your skin with different products is observed very commonly. Whereas, hair care is let alone left for shampooing and conditioning. Also with the irony that, even the process of using shampoo or conditioners is wrong itself. Starting with the basic education. Shampoos and conditioners are not the only two hair care products. A long list awaits: Serums, Masks, hair mayonnaise, dry shampoos, leave-on hair oils and many more. If you want to buy these beauty supplements at a discount then visit TopVouchersCode today. These amazing new hair products that will do wonders to your hair and you’ll love them more than ever.

The biggest mistake you could make is to go to a drugstore and buy the cheapest item on the shelf. They might be easy on your pocket but when it comes to your hair they can cause some uncountable damages. Always know your hair type and never pick an ordinary product which is not for your hair. To pick a wrong product for your hair be it as small as your hair oil or shampoo is murdering to your hair yourself.

Bad Step in Showers: 

You might be thinking how anybody can possibly be wrong with such a basic thing. Well turns out the hairstylists knows the best. From all the big mistakes below common mistakes are something not to overlook. First off, the best tip is to keep changing your shampoo for different purposes i.e. Volume boost, hair fall, dandruff, split ends, dryness and other genres.

The key phrase is “Shampooing is for the scalp, conditioner for the tips”. The right quantity for shampoo to dispense is just a quarter size, no more no less (unless your hair is extra thick or hip long you can increase accordingly). Start with brushing your dry hair gently and then washing your hair with mild warm water as it opens your hair pores which help in better cleaning. It also gives better effects to your massage.  Always massage the scalp and try not to tangle your strands, do it gently as you can. After you are done with the scalp move to your strands gently rubbing them together. Rinsing the hair with cold water now will always remove the left over shampoo very effectively.

Tip: Always take time to wash your hair and not every day. After they start to oil up a little that is your queue.  

Coming to the conditioning. A myth all around is using huge amount of conditioner paste, whereas it might turn out to be unhealthy for your hair. An amount of a size of two peas would be enough. Conditioner is only for your tips and never ever for a scalp. Make sure you wash off the conditioner every properly as it’s hard to do so. 

To Dry or Not To Dry Your Hair: 

Coming to drying and combing after shower mistakes. People are often seen with their wet hair tightly wrapped in a towel in order to dry them. Towel being tied up so tight can cause breakouts and hair fall. For that tip always use a shirt or a pillow cover instead to squeeze out the excess water from your hair.  Blow drying your hair with a normal temperature will never cause damage to your hair, instead keep them style for a longer time. Never go for blowing drying your hair on extreme high temperature as it will break your hair and make it weak and they tend to break easily.

Not Having Haircuts: 

Do not run away from haircuts! Haircuts are anything but bad for your hair. One should always have a haircut after every 3 months. If not entirely but a little trimming is always required. Haircutting helps you prevent split ends and make them look healthier. A fresh cut will always give you a new look and you will not get bored of the same old haircut being there for ages. 

Hair care at night: 

A lot of myths claim that you should tie to hair in a very tight braid over the night before sleeping or just let them stay untied completely. Turns out both of the ways the completely incorrect. Always brush your hair before sleeping and tie your hair in a loosely tied braid to keep them from tangling into each other. It is beneficial for either curly or straight hair girls. If you are someone with dead straight hair and are very bored of the same volume in your hair. A braid will give your hair beautiful waves when you wake up in the morning. For curly hair, a braid helps in not tangling them together to cause breakage. 

These were the five mistakes hairstylist wants you to stop making from today!

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