5 Herbs You Must Smoke While Traveling

Herbal smoking blends are pretty popular amongst people due to their effects on substance abuse and addiction. If you’re on your way to leaving tobacco, you can try the herbs that are smokable and safe. It provides the much-needed detoxification and is an excellent replacement for marijuana. Also, you may quit your smoking habits and take refuge in the non-psychoactive herbal blends. Some smokable herbs available readily are mint, chamomile, and mullein. You get to enjoy the non-addictive, intense, and aromatic flavors of the flowers through these herbal blends. You can try the best herbs to smoke which are safe and It provides the much-needed detoxification and is an excellent replacement for marijuana



A calm morning with the serene sun rays peeking through the windows and some warm chamomile tea feels like a dream. While the herb works excellent as a supplement, you can use chamomile to smoke as well. Chamomile is available in two variants, i.e., the German and Roman species. Also, it contains some terpenes like α-Bisabolol oxide A, Chamazulene, and α-Bisabolol oxide B.These terpenes are responsible for the therapeutic effects on your digestive system and ease the sleep cycle. 

You can smoke up the various parts of the herbs like leaves, flowers, and buds. On top of this, try adding it with the tobacco extracts for a wholesome effect. You can also check some of the best herbs to smoke. Just make sure to use the chamomile extracts in high dosage for relaxing effects. Also, it works pretty well in case of spasms during the menstrual cycle. 


Another smoking herbal blend, i.e., Verbascum thapsus or Mullein, is effective in many lung-related ailments. It’s a lung tonic that relieves allergic effects and cough-like conditions. Also, the herbal blend produces light and mild smoke with the leaves or buds. Therefore, you can use it in case of lung inflammation or bacterial infestations of the pulmonary system. Try procuring the herbal smoking blends from the market for authentic and effective extracts. If you’re unable to find the extracts, you can grow the herb in your garden and use the dried parts instead. 

Mullein contains many active constituents like saponins, iridoid, and phenylethanoid glycosides. These components act on the Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors in your brain to bring about wellness. Hence, you might end up feeling more rejuvenated, relaxed, and content after inhaling the blends. Try to get your hands on the seeds as it produces a very calming and mild high. 



Are you aware of the calming effects of the Scutellaria herb when smoked? Skullcap has a lot more to it than just the aromatic and purplish-blue flowers. You can use the herbal parts to smoke and get rid of the anxiety issues. Also, it is rich in flavonoids like baicalein, baicalin, and wogonin, which regulate the activity of GABA receptors. Smoking the herbal blends can relieve anxiety, prevent depression, and uplift your mood. Also, it holds anti-inflammatory effects and might curb oxidative damage to your vital organs. You can use herbal parts like flowers or dried leaves to create the perfect smoke. 

Other than this, the herb can prevent sleeplessness and prevent the degeneration of brain tissues. You may blend it with other herbs like lemon balm to go through a wholesome experience. If possible, grow the herb in your garden for authentic and fresh blends. 


Artemisia Vulgaris is a smokable herb that grows native to European and Asian premises. Many ancient cultures used herbal blends to experience vivid thoughts and dreams. On smoking, the herbal extracts give off a sweetish and light flavor on your palate. It calms your nerves down and is effective for skin-related issues. Some people also use it as an Emmenagogue to improve the menstrual cycles. With the mugwort blends, you get to experience higher energy levels and better circulation throughout the body. You may use dried leaves or extracts to create your smokable blend. 

Try to procure some fresh leaves either from the market or grow them in your house itself. Either way, the smoking blends are reliable and soothe your nerves. With potent constituents like camphor, pinene, and cineol, it instills a sense of relaxation within you. Replace the usual smoking extracts with the herbal ones for maximum benefits.



Another herb that reflects refreshing essence and is quite therapeutic is mint or mentha species. You can use the versatile varieties of mint, be it the spearmint or peppermint extracts. It contains many active constituents like menthol, limonene, and beta-pinene. Such constituents act on the nicotinic or GABA receptors to relieve anxiety and restlessness. Also, it may improve your digestion and provide a healthy alternative to the addictive smoking blends. In addition, the herb is neuroprotective and prevents the signs of degeneration in your brain. Hence, it acts as the ideal herbal blend to quit substance abuse and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

The Takeaway 

Natural therapy is quite prevalent today due to the minimal side effects and prolonged health benefits. For all the smokers out there, the natural and herbal smoking blends can be a great replacement. It’s suitable for people who wish to quit the addictive patterns and resort to healthy ways of living. You can try the herbal blends containing mugwort, mint, or skullcap to start with. Also, try to find the correct dosage and herbal parts suitable for smoking. Not only will it enhance your smoking experience, but it also provides a calming effect on your mind. In addition, herbal blends are effective in substance abuse, anxiety issues, and digestive troubles.