5 Fashion Tips For Bohemian Style Lovers 2021

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Hippie, relaxed, joie de vivre, liberated, Bohemian culture is a unique fashion style that breaks conventional norms in dressing. The retro stance explores comfortably natural and neutral patterns with accents of the 70s. So, you see more loose-fitted clothing, a knack for casual accessories, and a mishmash of elements in bohemian style.


Trends come and go, but a bohemian cult is for teenagers and adults who follow a lifestyle ideology against society’s constraints. ‘Boho’ and ‘boho chic’ are other short names of bohemian culture that reveal earthy shades and hippie-inspired patterns. An unusual style statement, boho fashion, came up in France after the French Revolution. Besides being unconventional, it is highly expressive and free-spirited. Let us know more about this non-conformist fashion style and the clothing items that represent the hippie era. 

What Makes Bohemian Style Offbeat?

The Boho culture took shape in the 1960s and redefined fashion ideologies. Fringe and flared patterns started getting popular. New clothing styles had everything that went against the polished and classic trends of the decade gone by.

Ethnic prints, disproportionate sleeves, decorative trims, distressed denim, bohemian skirts, eyelet dresses, oversized silhouettes, chunky heels, rattan bags, antique jewellery, lace, crochet, tribal, tassels are some boho staples rooted with rustic traces. It’s a style statement that makes the wearer feel soul-comfortable in medieval-inspired fashion choices. Here are some retro tips for enjoying bohemian-style outfits and accessories.

  1. Boho Color Palette

There aren’t stark metallics, shiny or runway colors in boho attire. Instead, you will find many neutrals and understated solids in a boho capsule wardrobe for color play.

What to pick:

  • Warm and cold hues are the general rule in a boho collection. Choose soft colors if the minimalistic style is your cup of tea and patterned color if you love prints and abstracts.
  • Adopt cousin shades in curating a capsule wardrobe. Four shades of blue (sky blue, navy, steel, turquoise) or three shades of brown (caramel, latte, maroon) are sister shades to wear to add versatility to a boho look. Avoid single and isolated colors.   
  • Neutrals, pastels, and rich hues are boho colors to play with. Neon colors are a no-no in boho attire and accessories.    
  • The gold color is a good idea in boho accessories. Think South Sea pearl pendants that are larger than the average pearl to up your boho point. They are unique and sophisticated and blend well with a capsule wardrobe.     
  1. Boho Fabric Choices 

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Boho fashion is straightforward and intricate. Geometric and nature-inspired patterns ensure maximum versatility and comfort that gets better with wear. A bohemian flair may look breezy and slouchy but adds cuteness to your overall appeal.

What to pick:

  • Nature-Inspired Materials: Bohemian designs include natural materials inspired by nature, art, and rustic. Explore lace in white or ivory hues, suede for boho accessories and footwear, natural brown worn-out leather, wood for platform shoes, bead necklace, and other jewellery specimens, turquoise for rings, necklaces, and earrings, rattan for boho bags and shoes, crochet for boho bags, and bikinis and denim—both acid-washed and distressed denim in light and dark variations.     
  • Bohemian patterns are intricate, exotic, and stylized. Delve into floral designs, tribal prints, Persian-origin paisley, lattice, ikat, kilim for Boho attire  
  • Technique in boho attire shows groovy tie-dye, distressed denim, and leather, patchwork, and macrame. Whether it is beach bags or main textile items, the boho technique gives you ample variety. 
  • Embellishments in bohemian fashion are diverse and striking. Tassel trims in clothing and jewelry, studs on footwear and accessories, fringe for kimonos, bags, jackets, pom-pom for blouses, bikinis, clutches, artistic embroidery for clothing, and accessories and applique work for jackets, shoes, and handbags is where bohemian style impresses. 

3. Boho Charms And Accessories

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Jewellery is as essential to attire as your basic clothing. When aiming for a nonconformist look, try natural materials and intricate beads for an all-boho jewel statement. Boho jewellery is Moroccan-inspired and far from minimalistic. Boho bracelets, necklaces, rings, and baubles exude a maximalist look with bold colors and creativity.

What to pick:

  • A statement or beaded jewellery
  • Mother of Pearl and semi-precious gems  
  • Antique silver and gold finish
  • Layered necklace  
  • Muted matte metals
  • Tribal engravings 
  • Artistic pendants and rings 
  • White and colored pearls
  • Wood (for bangles), bone, opal, and leather   
  • African finger rings and Mexican bracelets    

4. Boho Shoes

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For the shoe-addicted ladies, there are plenty of girlish footwear options to get your trendy boho look. Chukka boots with printed embroideries, chunky heels, strappy gladiator sandals, wood platforms, fringe details work perfectly with skirts, shorts, jeans, and dresses. These transitional styles are perfect to wear seven days a week, at home, or for adventure. Boho footgear is ideal for a rugged and sophisticated look. Look retro-inspired in bohemian shoes on the streets and beaches.    


What to pick: 


  • Ankle boots with embroidered back or with fringed sides  
  • Pom-Pom multicolor sandals  
  • Block heels and strappy embroideries 
  • Burgundy boots in suede 
  • Fringed chukka lace-up boots 
  • Thong sandals 
  • Knee-length flat leather shoes
  • Braided strappy flat sandals   
  • Cowboy ankle boot
  • Peep-toe heeled shoes
  • Jacquard print boots

5. Bohemian Hairstyles

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In sporting a bohemian hairdo, think ruffled hair to score a point. Looking relaxed, laid-back, and effortless are the key points for a boho casual or formal look. Avoid going in for tight and structured hairdos to get the ultimate bohemian look. Whether you are using soft pastel shades for hair dye or wish to rock a dramatic ombre, never skip adding layered highlights to your hair. Don’t paint your hair in cherry reds and other man-made hues.    


What to choose:


  • Beachy Waves: Low-maintenance hairstyle that gives nature-inspired vibes
  • Hippie Braids: Iconic boho style, whether you go for a fishtail braid, a classic French, or a feather twist. Gives you an old-world charm.
  • Messy Updo: A hassle-free Bohemian staple and a sure way to deliver boho aesthetics   
  • Bohemian hair wraps, floral crowns and hairpins, bandanas, headbands


Final Thoughts

Bohemian fashion can be brutal to pull off. So be whimsical and versatile to make your boho fashion earthy and on-point. Whether it’s a simple maxi skirt or a floppy-looking sun hat, geometric-inspired prints or fringed sandals, a hippie headpiece, or a messenger bag, wear light and eccentric to look boho. Boho fashion is an unconventional way of dressing where prints and materials meet, reminding you of the iconic 60s and 70s.

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