5 Amazing Ways to Get Your Dream Eyelashes Naturally

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Darker eyebrows, longer hair, fuller lips, and thicker eyelashes are most women's dream beauty attainments. Irrespective of how modest the glamour world and its beliefs get, some beauty benchmarks shall always remain classic. Thick and long eyelashes are one of them. There is a valid psychological explanation for why women prefer long and thick eyelashes. 

As per experts, thicker eyelashes create an illusion of larger eyes with the dark black line between the eye and the eyelid. This makes the eyes more exciting and attractive as a feature. So, you can often find women with shorter or light eyelashes making it up with false eyelash sets. But then again, nothing can beat natural eyelashes like natural ones. Thus, on that note, take a look at five of the natural ways to flaunt your dream eyelashes.

Use Quality Castor Oil And Wait For The Wonder.

When you do your research, you can find many ways to improve hair growth. But very few can compete with the power of castor oil. 

Castor oil is not just good for getting doll-like lashes but also rejuvenating and stimulating any hair follicles. It can naturally and effectively promote the growth of new hair in its bright natural color. 

This is because it consists of high levels of omega-9 and ricinoleic acid. Both of these elements are essential to healthy human hair. But, to get effective results, make sure that you are not using just any castor oil. You will need to pick a quality option like the Jamaican black castor oil. Moreover, this is one of the most sought-after products in the current market from 100% authentic sources. It will not only stimulate the growth of eyelashes but also fix the damaged ones. 

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Light And Good Massage

This might sound a little odd from the remedies you keep seeing on the web. But many tend to ignore the fact that without proper massaging, the least hair growth is possible. Massaging is an in-depth cure for eyelashes with less density. Just like you massage your scalp a bit, your eyelash follicles also need a little inspiration. And it can come from brief and gentle eyelid massage with any organic oil. 

Take a few drops of coconut, castor, or pure olive oil on your fingertips and massage your eyelid very gently for one to two minutes. This will let your lashes and pores soak in the oil. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before the massage and also do it daily before bedtime. It will be safe to do so as you do not want an oily eyelid during the daytime when running to work.

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Combing Your Eyelashes

Eyelashes are just like your scalp hair or eyebrows. This is a fundamental and natural way but can add a solid edge to your eyelash care routine. As per sources, many beauty experts and make-up professionals have agreed that combing your eyelashes daily can stimulate and promote growth. 

It is one of the best ways to get long eyelashes. You can find many advanced eyelash brushing combs nowadays. Also you can check here Paris Lash Academy for some eyelashes kit. The folding ones are beneficial as they act as a portable, handy, and effective eyelash care tool. You can use them anywhere and fold them back into the bag anytime you want. Pick any brush that suits you the best.

Use Healthy And Quality Mascara

One of the biggest mistakes women tend to make is giving more importance to temporary beauty enhancement than a long-term one. You will find a large number of options for mascara in the current market. However, you will need to be a little fussy about what you put in your eyelashes. Using mascara too often or using a low-quality one can often do more harm to your lashes than do well. 

It might look good for a bit of time but can weaken the hair lash follicles in the long run. They can also make your lashes rougher and cause damage to them. You can find mascaras that can boost the growth of eyelashes. Look out for fiber eyelash mascaras made of pure, safe, and healthy ingredients to promote eyelash growth. Enjoy their benefits in both ways that include glamour and health. You can use waterproof and long-lasting mascara from lashrescue.net to add length, curl, and volume while also stimulating eyelash growth.

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Add Some Vitamin E To Your Eyelash Oil.

You must be using specific oil on your eyelashes before bedtime. Pick olive oil or coconut oil as per your choice. Many find them easy and less greasy to use instead of castor oil. But make sure you add a good dose of vitamin E to it. 

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and works perfectly to promote eyelash growth. It can also contribute to strengthening your eyelashes and boosting the hair strand numbers. Soak cotton in the vitamin E enriched oil, apply it to the eyelashes, and wait for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off gently with clean water and go to bed. Doing this at least four days every week is necessary.

Parting Note

You can find a range of beauty products in today's evergreen glamour market. But, sometimes, natural ways are the best ways to treasure your youth and beauty. The remedies mentioned above are safe and do not impose any long-term side effects, unlike chemical-induced products. Just make sure that you are dedicated to your practice and do not give up. Natural remedies work a little slowly but steadily. Ensure you pick a method that works for you the best and commit to it to enjoy effective results.