4 Makeup Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

We've all been there before. Standing in front of the mirror, redoing parts of our makeup over and over trying to get it right. When this happens, make sure to use products that are waterproof so your makeup stays on. You can easily find waterproof makeup products at Healthymakeup.co.nz. Applying makeup is an art and a skill and, as such, isn't quite as easy as it seems.

And while there's nothing wrong with playing with makeup for hours or experimenting with a new technique for a big night out, it's always good to have a few staple makeup tips in mind. With the following tips, you'll find perfecting even the most challenging look a simple task.

1. Prep Your Skin Beforehand

One of the best makeup tips for beginners and old hands alike actually has nothing to do with makeup. Because flawless makeup begins before any brush or sponge touches your face. 

Whether you're creating a natural makeup look or going all out with photoshoot glam, you have to prep your skin beforehand. Start your beauty routine with skincare. Wash, exfoliate, and moisturize your face, then apply your makeup immediately afterward.

2. Apply Your Eye Makeup First

How many times have you finished your primer, foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer, then ruined half of it with eye makeup fallout? Even the best eye shadow brands create some fallout, especially if you're using glitter or dark colors.

So, to save yourself time and effort, you should always apply your eye makeup first. Finish your primer, eye shadow, and eyeliner before moving on to face makeup to maintain a flawless look. Save the mascara for last, however, to prevent powder from ruining the dark color.

3. Store Your Cosmetics Properly

Storing your cosmetics properly is a must, as it will not only protect your investment (makeup is expensive!) but will also ensure that your products perform their best. All makeup should be kept away from moisture, and you should do your best to keep products cool and out of the sun. 

Store everything in cabinets and drawers to protect it from dust and allergens. Nail polish, makeup brushes, and any liquid makeup should be put away upright, not on its side.

4. Use Brushes, Not Your Fingers

Did you know that your hands could be carrying up to 5 million bacteria each? This amount of bacteria is the last thing you want on your face. Not to mention, your fingers don't apply makeup nearly as well as brushes designed to do so.

It might take some trial and error to find the brushes that work best for you for each task. But a great place to start is with synthetic brushes, which help to create a photoshoot makeup look by preventing creasing and caking.

Improve Your Beauty Routine With These Makeup Tips

Whether you just picked up makeup application for the first time or you've been applying cosmetics for years, these makeup tips will help you improve your beauty routine. Using these tips, you'll be able to create that flawless, airbrushed look every time.

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