10 hipster-approved eyewear styles you need right now

Hipster style can be defined as vintage fashion with a modern twist. From acid wash denim to patterned shirts, hipster fashion has long been associated with vintage-inspired outfits with a contemporary flare. 

Hipsters avoid anything that is too mainstream or takes away their individuality. Rather than chasing after popular trends in sunglasses, they are more drawn towards quirky styles.

Apart from graphic tees and gothic boots, there is something else that hipsters always had an appreciation for - glasses. It gives them a bold look and helps them to stand out. 

If you are someone who appreciated hipster fashion or wants to dress like one, there cannot be a better time. There are just so many styles of hipster glasses you can wear today to make yourself stand out. If you are into hipster fashion, get your hands on these frame styles.

Lightweight metal frames 

The redefined structure of today’s metal rim glasses gives a nostalgic touch to your look which is something so important when you are trying to dress like a hipster.

With their whimsical intellectual appeal, thin wire frames suit most face shapes as they disappear on your face. This style would be perfect for students with a button-up shirt and leather jacket. It will give you a 1940s student appearance that can steal the show even today.

The subtleness of these thin wire glasses will let you experiment with bold shapes and rebellious designs. This way, you can channel your inner Harry Potter without making it too obvious. 

Round frames

Round glasses are the most common style that comes to mind when we think of retro fashion. If you are the perfect combination of brains, creativity and style, you will find these frames to suit your personality. 

Find an appropriate size frame for yourself and pair it with other vintage-inspired clothes. If you are an artsy hippie who doesn’t follow the cultural norm, don these round glasses with wild patterns and colourful scarves to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Chunky square frames

Hipster fashion is bold and unique. And nothing defines unique as good as a thick black square frame. Giving you an instant transformation, these glasses will become your identity and give a strong punch of personality to your looks. 

Unlike rectangular glasses, square frames are cool, stylish and make for a relaxed appearance. If you are someone with a round face, you are more likely to dazzle in thick square glasses than anyone else. 

To give different shades to your look, get chunky tortoiseshell glasses in a square shape. The vivid colour pattern will suit every skin tone while the versatile design accentuates your every outfit. 

Cat-eye frames 

Cat-eye glasses are a timeless piece in eyewear fashion that never seems to lose its authenticity no matter how many makeovers it goes through. 

Although these glasses are available in thin metal rims, but to make a bold fashion statement, you need a bold frame. So, try out chunky frames made from acetate in a cat-eye shape. For a grunge glam look, seek more angles in the frame. 

The classic eyewear style gives a feminine touch to your style while living up to hipster expectations. The thing about eyewear these days is that the designs make them suitable for different occasions. 

If you are looking for a pair to wear to the office, go for modest angles and edges. There are so many options in cat-eye glasses to suit your every mood. 

Clear frame glasses


This style is definitely for the modern hipsters. Taking cues from classic shapes and giving them a contemporary appeal, transparent glasses have the best elements of vintage and modernism. 

Although the transparent frames have become mainstream in 2021, you can still try our more exotic shapes in this style. For instance, think oversized browline frames with exaggerated upper rims. 

This would make a perfect accessory for all your back to school hipster outfits including distressed jeans to cardigans. 

Wooden frames

Hipsters may look like they value their style more than anything else, but they do care about the environment. Due to their progressive thinking, they are more drawn towards natural things that don’t pose harm to the environment. 

This attitude has given a special preference to wooden frames in their wardrobe. If you want to dress like a hipster, wooden frames are the way to go. 

The unique looks of wooden frames give a distinctive personality to your hipster getup. If you care about the environment, these frames are perfect for you. 

Semi rim frames

If science or philosophy is one of the major components of your hipster equation, semi-rim glasses will suit your taste. It has the classic elements of popular hipster fashion. Where the chunky and bold upper rim catches attention, the subtle bottom brings a balance to your look. 

To get more of an edge, try our distinctive patterns or designs on the top rim. Go for deep colours to create better contrast and catch attention.

Hipsters are naturally drawn to vintage aesthetics. Since this is the era of hipster revival, don’t let the trends define you. Create your own and get an authentic look for yourself with the help of these frame styles.