What You Can Do to Help a Friend Showing Signs of Abusing Alcohol

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem that affects many, many people. Unlike an addiction to illegal drugs, alcohol is cheap, easy to buy, and socially acceptable. Many people drink alcohol socially and it is easy for this to spiral into habitual use. Alcohol addiction can cause health issues, problems in relationships, and difficulties in education and work. If the problem is not addressed early, alcohol abuse can be potentially life-threatening and so it is very important that everyone recognizes the signs. Having a friend with an alcohol problem can be very tough because it will hurt to see the damage it causes to them and their loved ones.

Here are our tips how to help an alcoholic friend who is showing signs of alcohol abuse.

1. Talk to Your Friend about the Problem

The first thing you need to do if your friend is showing signs of alcohol abuse is to talk to them about it. This may be all they need to realize they have a problem and take the right steps to overcome it. It is always better to do this when your friend is sober because people can react erratically when they are drunk due to chemical imbalances in their brain. If your friend has been drinking, they may feel under attack or like you are accusing them of something when you broach the subject. Wait until your friend is sober and approach them with your concerns in a non-accusatory way. You can also read about: How Denial Affects Alcohol Addiction And How To Overcome It at Abbeycarefoundation.com.

2. Seek Professional Help

If your friend’s drinking has reached the point of addiction or is causing real problems in their life, the best thing to do is to help them seek professional treatment. There are many rehab centers all over the country that will be able to help and you can visit iRecover.ca to learn more about one option which can potentially assist your friend with their alcohol addiction. Many people need a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to addiction recovery and you may just be the catalyst they need to make a change.

3. Find New Ways to Socialize

Many people’s entire social lives are built around drinking alcohol. Whether it is going to a bar or nightclub every weekend or attending sports games and drinking beer, it can be very difficult to stop drinking when your entire social group drinks regularly. Find new activities and ways to socialize with your friend that don’t involve alcohol. You can start playing sports together or other physical activities which will not only stop your friend from drinking but will also provide many other health and fitness benefits. This can help to deal with some of the health issues caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

4. Don’t Have Alcohol in the House

It is vital that you don’t expose your friend to an environment where they may be tempted to drink and so if they are a visitor to your home, make sure there is no alcohol in the house. It can be easy to think that it is they who have the problem so why can’t you enjoy a drink while they are, but this will only increase the chances of them relapsing or being triggered into drinking so it is best to just avoid the situation altogether. Particularly if you live with your friend, make the home a teetotal zone. You may find that it has a lot of benefits for you too.

5. Accompany Your Friend to Support Groups

There are many excellent support groups doing amazing work for people with drinking problems. Attending one of these groups like Alcoholics Anonymous could really help your friend to overcome their addiction. It can be daunting to go to a group alone, however, so offer to accompany your friend whenever they attend. At least for the first few sessions, just having you there will make them feel more confident and will ensure that they don’t skip any. 


Make sure that you offer rather than waiting for your friend to ask because they may be embarrassed about doing so. Again, you won’t be able to force them to go, and you must respect their wishes, but make sure you tell your friend why you think it would be worthwhile for them.


Alcohol is so widely accepted in society but it can be incredibly addictive and destructive. If you have a friend suffering from addiction, consider taking them to aa meetings in Glendale, AZ. This might be the type of meeting they need in order to realize they have a problem. This might be the type of meeting they need in order to realize they have a problem. Follow this guide and you will hopefully be able to help your friend overcome their drinking problem and turn their life around.