Wardrobe Basics: 16 Must-Have Clothing Items Every Woman Needs To Own

While trends and fashion keep changing, some basic wardrobe essentials tend to last a lifetime.

Many women face the issue of having a full wardrobe of dresses but nothing to wear. It usually occurs because of purchasing clothes that are basically impossible to combine, and their use is limited to one occasion. 

You should emphasize buying clothes that have better chances to be combined and worn on several occasions. The more basics you have, the more your chances are to mix and match items. Moreover, it gives you more opportunities to get creative with your looks. 

We are here to introduce you to 16 must-have wardrobe basics and help you expand your closet the right way. Keep reading!

1.Black Blazer

A classic black blazer can bring charm to any outfit. Layering is the simplest way to make your outfit look more classy and expensive. When buying a blazer, make sure there is sufficient space under the arm and shoulders to be able to layer it on top of other items.

2.Light Cardigan

A light cardigan can make your outfits way cuter. It will help you on a windy night, at the movies, or an evening outing. Pick silk or cotton cardigan for summer days and wool for cold winter. Cardigans come in all colors and shapes. However, you require a set of the basics which means beige, grey, black, or any neutral color that goes with most of the clothes in your wardrobe.

3.Denim Jacket

Denim jackets never go out of fashion, and you can wear them season after season unless it is super hot outside. Style it with a basic tee or a summer dress for that perfect outfit upgrade.

4.Little Black Dress

You are a girl and born to be sassy. Every girl requires a few little black dresses or at least one. The most classic one is a flat, sleeveless, black dress. You can wear this one a million times and still look different. You can combine the dress with practically anything and consider it a go-to option for any formal event or party. Use your accessories like bags and jewelry to reshape the attire every time you wear it.

5.Basic White or Black T-shirts

Start with purchasing basic white and black tees at first and then eventually work your way into the colorful basics. These tees come in various textures and necklines. You can eventually purchase some graphic tees as well. 

6.Striped Tee

Along with the basic white and black tee, everyone should own a striped long sleeves tee as well. It looks really great when combined with skinny jeans and layered with a blazer. Moreover, the Bretton stripe gives one an additional slimmer look. 

7.Classic Shirt

You just cannot go wrong with a classic cotton shirt. You should have them in black, white, grey, and navy so that you can pair them with all kinds of other outfits. A classic neutral shirt can be worn on both formal and casual occasions. Going out? Going to work? Having coffee with friends? Other clothing items will dictate the efficiency of the entire attire, while this classic piece can blend perfectly with a large number of them.

8.Wrap Dress

This silhouette is kind of a magical one. It suits all types of body. Dress it down with a pair of sneakers or dress up with a pair of pumps and you are good to go!

9.Tank Tops

Tank tops can be used with layers, like denim jackets, blazers, cardigans, or anything you want. On warm days, they work as a great substitute for full-sleeved tops. Switch different types of bottoms to get a new look every day. Also you can get a camisole with built in bra for large breasts

10.Shirt Dress

If you are thinking about switching things up with your office wear, a classic shirtdress can serve you perfectly. Depending on the occasion, they are very easy to dress down and dress up as well. 

11.Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is great for office wear. However, they also look stunning when worn casually. Purchase them in solid colors, prints, and textures and combine them with shirts or tank tops based on the occasion. 

12.Boot-cut Jeans

Everyone requires a pair of jeans that feel and fit like a second skin. They can make you look more shapely and taller. These pants are always in style and look fabulous when combined with denim jackets, blazers, bodysuits, and boots. 

13.Denim Shorts

No explanation is needed here. Denim shorts literally go with anything and everything and are no doubt a must-have item when you are going on a vacation. 

14.Black Trousers

Black trousers are a must-have wardrobe item. Buy one that sits loosely around the thigh and slightly flares out around the bottom. It is elegant and simple and makes your body look slim and elongated. Simply pair it with a nice sequined top and heels for a party and a blouse or a shirt for work. 

15.Skinny Jeans

Nothing can beat having a pair of skinny jeans. You can wear them to work, dine in them, and even go to a party. All you need to do is to find one with a perfect fit. Moreover, you can cuff them on the bottom to enhance the style quotient of your outfit. It is super versatile and no doubt a must-have wardrobe item. It suits all body types as well.

16.A Nude Strapless Bra

Lastly, you need to consider your underwear to make your clothes look absolutely stunning. Nude bras are the most neutral underwear you can get. You need to buy several nude bras to wear with all your dresses and camisoles without worrying something will show. It is best when they are strapless as the straps won’t impact the look of your attire. You can also consider a black one to create elegant evening combinations. 

These are the items that will make sure a hassle-free experience when you are getting ready for any occasion. However, please do not think that you need to go out and buy all the mentioned items. It is just a reference list that you can follow when you go shopping. Most people get distracted while shopping and purchase items that are not needed and often regret buying them later. So it is best to keep a list ready to be mindful of how and where to spend your money.