Top 5 Tips to Grow Triceps

Men who are obsessed with the Hercules physique cannot remain satisfied on press down only. They work really hard on training triceps.  But at the same time, they fail to realize that doing so only focuses on the lateral head of the triceps. If you do that, the other two heads of the triceps will remain underdeveloped. 

To grow your triceps in the fastest way, here are some great tips to help you out:

The Drop Sets

Drop sets are the common name of the Weider Principle. It happens to be an intensity technique that you can apply to different exercises we are going to discuss further. This will boost tricep growth. Take a set to failure and then reduce the weight right away. That is how you do a drop set. Continue the set and get failure again. Do it once, twice, and thrice.  As many times you want to use the triceps for. 

An ideal weight to drop on each set is 20-30% of the original weight. To prevent overtraining, do drop sets on the last set or two of each exercise. They are great for growing muscle as they push them beyond muscle failure. This increases the levels of growth hormone that leads to muscle growth.

Push It

When you do press down, make sure that you are doing it correctly. Do not hold the bar as you would a motorbike. This makes you push with fingers that put a strain on your wrists and hands. When the wrists extend back in it, it reduces the amount of force that you apply to the bar. You have to push down with the heels of your palm.

You would know when you have this technique down because you won’t wrap your fingers around the bar. Also, you would realize how much weight you can do on the press downs. Greater overloads to more tricep growth.

Pull It

This requires you to flip your grip and then take an underhand grip to pull the weight down when you are doing the triceps press downs. The overhand version exerts stress the most on the lateral triceps head. The underhand version effectively places stress on the often neglected medial head. The best way to increase the tricep mass is by increasing the mass on the three heads. That requires you to devote time to the medial head as well.

Use an EZ-bar attachment and try the reverse-grip pressdown with a rotating collar. This helps remove stress from the wrist.

The Right Angling

A person familiar with the effort that is used in building triceps would know about the lying triceps extension. In the fitness language, they are called skull crushers. Try them out. Change in the angle of these effective exercises changes the triceps head that is stressed. The long head is emphasized the more you place your arms in front of the body and overhead.

The arms tend to be perpendicular to the body when you do skull crushers on a flat bench. The long and lateral heads are almost equally engaged. The medial head as well.  When you do it on an incline bench, the arms move toward overhead placing pressure on the long head. Repeating it on a decline bench makes the arms move down toward the side of the body.

This is similar to triceps press down. This places more stress on the lateral head as compared to the long head while taking some help from the medial head at top of the rep.

Use Bands

Chains and bands are great means to boost muscle strength and power. Linear variable resistance is the main cause behind it. This way, the resistance increases as the range of motion of the exercise increases. Try using them for bigger triceps. Bands or chains are great ways to increase triceps involvement. The close-grip bench press is a multi-joint exercise. You can increase the amount of stress that you place on the triceps. More weight means more growth. And during the close grip bench press, the tricep involvement is increased when you press the bar off the chest. The involvement enhances the higher bar moves.

As the range of motion increases, the bands and chains enhance the resistance. Using them on a close grip bench press increases the stress on the triceps while minimizing the stress on the chest and delts which are used in the lower half of the range of motion. 

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