The Ultimate Checklist of Road Trip Travelling

You've gotten the vaccine, and the itch to travel, which has been growing since the pandemics start is all you can think about. The thought of spending another weekend indoors, binge-watching television, feels soul aching. So, you decide to go on a road trip. 

Maybe you don't know where, or maybe you know exactly where, but one thing you certain of is that it needs to be far enough away to feel like a vacation. If this describes you, rest assured that you are not alone. The urge to get up & go has become something of a trend, and some are having even given the feeling a name; *Revenge Traveling*.

So, understanding that you will be travelling, with or without permission for us, here are seven essentials for any road trip.


This must go without saying, but make sure that you have plenty of hand sanitiser, wipes, and cleaning supplies. Despite vaccination efforts and the return of some deeply missed freedoms, there are still dangers out there. 

A vaccine has been created, but the virus has not completely been destroyed. The virus will likely be a part of everyday life for a very long time, which means that hygiene should always be a concern.


The last thing you want to happen is to go on a road trip and get into an accident. It's never the goal to get into an accident, but they happen. Because they happen, it's best to have great comprehensive car insurance. Instead of spending a lot of money out of pocket on premiums, or dipping further into your savings account, make sure you're protected from accidents.

Trash Management

If you are travelling alone, with a friend, or with a family, managing trash is essential. The solution can be simple like using a garbage bag from the kitchen. Or, it can be as clever as building a portable bag holder for the inside of the car. No matter what the solution is, be sure to have a way to deal with the unwanted waste collected in your travels.


Think of a road trip like camping in the car, but travelling at high speed. When you camp, you make sure you have the proper equipment before pitching a tent or building a fire. Well, road trips are not much different.

Make sure you can change a tire or patch it on the side of the road if needed. Ensure there are jumper cables for the battery and any other basic tools needed to do minor repairs on the vehicle. In this case, it is best to have them and not need them. Then it is to need them and not have them.


Snacks are a must for any trip. Be sure to pack snacks that preserve well. For example, trail mix or granola bars are great because of their long shelf life. 

If travelling for long distances, it may be helpful to bring a cooler with meals to avoid having to stop along the way. Coincidently, this can save money so you can enjoy more of the sites and attractions at your destination.


Every car should have some first-aid, but it's understandable if you don't. Nevertheless, before you hit the road, be sure to stock up on a few essentials. Bandaids, antacids, and Imodium can mean the difference between a tolerable trip and one from the underworld. Be kind on your stomach and be prepared if it fights back against being hurled through space at highway speeds.

That being said, adding some other supplies are helpful also. For example, be sure to include some preventative things like bacitracin, pain relievers, and toilet paper.


The entire point behind a road trip is to enjoy the journey. It is to get back into the world and explore it one car length at a time. So, bring things to make the trip more enjoyable. If your favourite way to pass the time is to sleep, bring a comfortable pillow and blanket. If you enjoy reading, but the motion makes it impossible, get an audiobook for the ride. 

There is also the traditional car game route, but many times these games get old quickly. So, be sure to prepare well, and don't forget to look for awesome places to explore along the way. Sometimes, great stories are made off the beaten path.

So, Remember

Accidents happen, but judging on how well prepared you to determine the damage. Always prepare with a checklist and triple-check the simple things like air in the tires or fuel levels before hitting the open road.

 Remember to be kind to your fellow drivers. While this list is not an exhaustive one that guarantees a perfectly smooth trip, it is a good start.