The 5 Trendiest Handbags of 2021

2020 has brought new trends in bags and purses, and now in 2021 we have plenty of styles to choose from as well as to keep an eye on and try out. If you’re in the market for a new handbag, on the Mirta website, there is a vast selection of handmade bags, including the trendiest pieces of the moment. That way, you can try out some new trends and choose from designs and colors to find the perfect options that best suit your style, with confidence that your handbag will last you for years to come. 

Here are 5 of the trendiest handbags in 2021:

  1. Quilted handbag

The quilted handbag adds some softness to your handbag and it looks instantly polished. Many associate this trend with the classic Chanel handbags, but there are many other quilted options available at different price points. 

  1. 90’s vibes shoulder bag

The shoulder bag brings us back to the 90’s in the best way possible. This sleek handbag style is easy to carry and a classic style. To make it pop even more, dress it up by selecting a shoulder bag that has a fun detail on the handle, such as a chain detail. This mixes two trends in one and looks incredibly stylish. 

  1. Chunky chain straps

We’ve seen chain details on a number of accessories in the last year, and 2021 is all about the chunky chain straps for your handbags. It adds a bit of edge to any outfit, whether you opt for a sleek and classic look and add a trendy pop with a chunky chain strap handbag or rock it with your favorite go-to looks. 

At the SS21 shows, the chunky straps even made their debut with an acrylic chain. Whether you opt for a classic chain or an acryclic chain, this handbag detail is sure to level up your trendy looks. 

  1. Fringe totes

Fringe totes add that boho flair and trendy pop to your looks. It’s a chic and moves with you as you go, making it an instant statement piece. Whether you want a little fringe or a lot of fringe on your handbag, you have options of exactly how and how much you want to incorporate this trend with your handbags. 

  1. Market totes

Market totes are a minimalistic and trendy handbag style. While they can’t carry a ton of weight, they can carry your essentials and get you to and from the market with your items! If you want a bit sturdier market bag, opt for one made of vegan leather or leather. It still has that classic market tote look but it is a bit more durable. 

Which handbag trend is more appealing to you? Which of these would you choose to incorporate into your handbag collection?