Surprise Your Coffee Lover Friend With These Amazing And Practical Gifts

Millions of people drink coffee every day, either out of necessity to stay awake or the fact they enjoy the taste and buzz caffeine gives them as well as the health benefits of drinking coffee. This likely includes many of your close friends, who also probably enjoy receiving gifts just as much too. There are many affordable gift options for a friend who can’t get enough coffee. 

Take a look at the gift suggestions below to help you get some ideas if you are thinking about getting your coffee-loving friend a gift to celebrate a special occasion. 

Coffee Subscriptions 

Coffee companies or clubs source beans from all around the world and deliver freshly roasted and ground coffee to your house depending on your tastes. This is exactly what the coffee experts at this site specialize in. By using their industry knowledge, online coffee clubs can keep coffee lovers up to date with new roasts or provide them with new types of coffee to try for the first time. 

Coffee subscriptions allow for a cost-effective and practical gift for your coffee-obsessed friend. They can be tailored to your budget and the personal tastes of your friend, which they will surely appreciate. 

Gift Sets 

Gift sets are a great solution when you can’t exactly choose the variation of coffee or gifts to choose for someone, and you would like them to try or receive a little bit of everything. 

Most coffee gift sets are nicely presented and made up of things such as samples of different coffees, handmade espresso or cappuccino cups, spoons, coffee subscriptions, and gift cards. Check this site to buy these wonderful gifts for birthdays and Christmas for coffee lovers.

Specialty Coffees from Around the World

Coffee is brewed all over the world and each country has its own take on what makes a perfect cup of coffee. 

For example, Turkish coffee prepared in a small brass or copper pot and served much like an espresso without milk and sugar, the sugar is in fact added in the brewing process. 

Coffee-producing regions produce different beans and employ their own unique roasting processes to create a whole range of flavors. Conveniently roasted coffee beans, whole or ground, are easy to package and ship to your doorstep. 

Due to globalization, it is now possible to sample coffee from far away countries including Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia which can be easily store-bought or ordered online. Even in Hawaii you can find specialty coffee. Our favorite is the Kona coffee sold by Greenwell Farms. You should definitely give it a try if you like specialty coffees.

Pour-Over Brewing Equipment 

Making coffee without the use of a machine may be a hassle for some, but it can be well worth the extra few minutes of work and waiting for it to brew. 

The benefits of taking time to hand-pour and slow brew coffee is that the coffee will hold more flavor, and it is also easier to control the temperature and speed of the pour. 

Coffee brewing kits make for a more practical gift that can be used anywhere that has access to hot water whether it be the home or office. The main components of a brewing kit are the grinder, filters, a precision tamper, and cups. The scale may be of particular use for people trying to reduce their caffeine intake or change the strength of the coffee.

Coffee Machines 

For those who are really into coffee, there is a whole range of different coffee machines available to choose from. Some of which can be more complex and expensive, or more affordable and simple to use, providing options for those coffee lovers who may not have much free time in their busy schedule to focus on making coffee. 

Pod or capsule machines are an especially popular option as they are fast and easy to operate and can make almost instant cappuccinos and lattes. 

Stovetop machines used to be more common but less so nowadays. They work by forcing boiling hot water up through the coffee grounds, although it can be dangerous if not handled carefully, and they also have multiple awkward parts to clean. 

Drip coffee machines would make a suitable gift for those who regularly make large quantities of coffee that need to be kept warm throughout the morning or afternoon when hosting a group of guests. 

For those who would like to spend a bit more money on a gift, then espresso machines are an option despite the fact they are often larger, more expensive, and extra work cleaning, they will consistently produce hot and tasty coffee and usually come with extra gadgets such as a milk frother. 

When deciding the most suitable gift for your coffee-loving friend you should think carefully about what they really want and what suits their tastes and lifestyle, for example, someone who likes a slower pace of life may be interested in trying out the pour-over coffee makers.