Must-Visit Places in Turkey That You Should Add in Your Itinerary

Summer is right around the corner, a vacation is due, and you’ve chosen to visit one of the countries in the top ten most visited around the world. There are many aspects about Turkey that draws the traveler. Great accommodation options, rich history to explore, amazing food to try, and who wouldn’t love soaking up the sun on the Mediterranian. If you haven’t yet narrowed down places you want to visit, because there are so many it’s hard to choose, let’s get to doing just that.

Lara Beach

The quintessential picture of a great vacation. Lying on the beach, the wind blowing through your hair, sand in your toes, cocktail in hand, a dream. While this is perfect, don’t for a second think you’re limited to a toned-down beach experience. If a more active beach life calls to you, lays out a host of watersports. Jet skis, they got it! Windsurfing, you bet! You should also try beach sailing in Turkey to truly appreciate the pristine waters and aquatic life.

Great choices of hotel accommodation line this beautiful Mediterranian beachfront. Shopping is right there at your fingers. A short walk and you will find many different foods, clothing and souvenir shops. Mingle with locals and other tourists as you enjoy shows and clubs which come to life at night. Not only do you get the beach, but a whole experience wrapped up in a pretty bow.


You must visit the capital. And not just because it’s the capital. The coming together of old and new, ancient and modern, is breathtaking. If you have an interest in civilizations of the olden days, be sure to visit archaic castles and the ruins of the Hittites, Romans, and Ottomans. They still hold stories to tell to this day. Tall and proud statehouses and military bases can also be marveled at. Don’t leave without taking a stroll through the oldest national park, Genclick park. 


Immediately coming to mind should be a sea of colorful hot air balloons gently floating upwards to the sky. If you need a breather from walking along Turkey’s streets, rest your feet while gliding over ruggedly captivating landscapes of fairy chimneys. Go at sunset to be absolutely amazed by the spectrum of colors absorbed by the rocks from the setting sun. Witnessing homes, churches, and entire villages formed within the rock is sure to leave you with the feeling of being above a magical land. 


The place to be to satisfy your textile desires. This city is known for its rich, bold fabrics sporting unique patterns. It is intimately incorporated within the opulent history of the East and West as a key participant in the silk trade. Countless designs can be purchased here that will leave you feeling like royalty. Feed your craving for authentic iskender kebap only to be found here. Lamb meat topped with yogurt, tomato sauce, and a generous helping of butter, all served with a freshly made flatbread called pide. Talk about comfort food. After such a filling meal, relax in a delightful tea garden where you can ponder on and appreciate the incredible time you just had.

Black Sea Coast Of Turkey

If you would like to be transported to a region where it seems like nature has been untouched, is embraced, and respected, visit the Black sea coast. Lush verdant forests, far-reaching plateaus, simplistic wooden domiciles all speak to the union the natives embrace with the environment. 

Serious hikers will love trekking up the mountains. If you are lucky to reach the top, you will be rewarded with impressive alpine meadows and glaciers with accompanying lakes. Other areas of the coast boast fields of tobacco, corn, and a variety of teas. You have a choice between the Western Black Sea coastline which is most popular, or the Eastern, which is less visited but equally stunning. 

For more of a spiritual aspect, visit the Sumela Monastery of Greek Orthodox persuasion. Dedicated to The Most Blessed Virgin Mary is this heart-stopping structure is embedded into the surrounding cliffs in the most intricate manner. A famous icon of the Virgin Mary thought to have been painted by Luke, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus initially called this place home. This was moved to Greece in 1930, but the monastery still remains a loved destination for many pilgrims. 

Your decision to visit Turkey is a great one. History awaits you. Spirituality calls to you. Fun and excitement along with good food abound. Rest and relaxation are not left out. Hopefully, all or at least some of these suggestions make your list. Be sure to mark this vacation with lots of pictures that will remind you of the splendid time you would have been sure to experience.