Make Your T-Shirt Stand Out With These Popular Summer Designs

Graphic t-shirts have the versatility and the ability to play the canvas on which you can add your own ideas. You can do it through art and words, choosing the aesthetic and message that best represents you. They can be your creative outlet, your protest sign, or a plea for support. 

While 2020 might be long gone, its consequences have visibly left a mark on everything, including the fashion industry. Many popular t-shirt designs are a direct response to what was going on and still is. Uplifting quotes and beautiful pictures on tees are there to help us lift our spirits and get us through the day.

Motivational Message

Since we all know what 2020 year was like, we now need more good vibes and uplifting words than we ever did before. Wearing an optimistic message on your t-shirt can help you get through the day and stay in better spirits. 

They are very popular at the moment and will continue to be - no surprise there. Whether it’s guidance through words of faith with Christian t-shirts for women, historic famous quotes, calls for exercise, or pick-me-up quote of the day, it’s up to you to choose what speaks to you the most.

Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

Making a Statement

Strong statements are as popular as ever. People like walking around with clearly written statements on their shirts, advocating for something or protesting against it, silently communicating with others the entire time. 

These days you can find tees in so many designs, from plain one-colored letters with a simple font to beautiful artistic drawings with multicolored letters and meaningful symbols to help you express your opinion and show your devotion to a movement you feel close to your heart.


Books gained more popularity with 2020’s staying-at-home restrictions, and so did the tees depicting them. In fact, the popularity of those tees, and other merchandise with book graphics on them actually helped some bookstores stay in business instead of closing down as many businesses did. 

For example, famous books like J. K. Rawling’s Harry Potter, their titles and symbols that are associated with them have been really popular for a while now. But drawings of non-specific stacks of books, with flowers or cups of tea, are in as well.

Colorful Words

With or without an important statement, colorful letters are quite fashionable. Many designers are making their brand names in rainbow-colored letters. But you don’t have to be a designer to make your own tee and choose the colors, font, and size to your liking. 

Try picking the colors you love, or the ones that go well with a lot of other outfits from your wardrobe. And there you have it - your personalized tee that can cheer you up all day long.


Abstract art, doodles, lines, cartoons, etc. are all popular right now. There are no fashion rules for you to abide by, just let your imagination run wild. From simple abstract lines to colorful cartoon madness, there’s nothing off-limits here. 

You can draw something yourself or have something from a (un)known artist, the options are endless. Another design that's in demand is putting modern or abstract details with a splash of color on ancient Roman and Greek statues. You can also take a unique approach, like vintage grateful dead shirts.


Rainbow colors always remind us of happiness, joy, and those carefree days when we were little. Even when we’re older they still have that uplifting effect on us. So, it’s no wonder they are popular now. 

We need that boost of good energy, like with motivational quotes, so it’s really unsurprising that the combination of those two - rainbows and quotes, is often seen together on many peoples’ tees. Another reason they’re popular is because it is the symbol of the LGBTQ+ community.

Florals and Nature Elements

Pictures and drawings of nature are very popular, probably because we’ve missed it so much being cooped up indoors. Anything nature-like makes our soul sing these days, so wrapping oneself in a tee with those types of graphic pics is bound to make one get noticed. 

From snowy mountains to delicate flowers, it seems it’s never enough. Even small flower-like doodles are enough to make your shirt look trendy.


Our furry friends are finally being recognized for their love and friendship they give us constantly. Portraits of dogs and cats can be seen on countless t-shirts, giving their owners a daily boost of joy. 

Often enough this is not just for professing love for their pet, but also to advocate for better treatment of animals, asking people not to buy but to adopt an animal from the shelter. Besides cats and dogs, other animals are popular too, like turtles and birds, especially flamingos.

If you're seeking for a humorous cat shirts for women or just want a cuddly cat t-shirt to cuddle up with your kitty in, you'll find it here.

Retro Aesthetic

Starting from the ’60s and exciting ’70s, through the ‘80s to the ’90s, every one of those decades has a specific aesthetic that can bring us back to it with a few well-chosen details. Those details can look great on a t-shirt. 

Exaggerated psychedelic fonts and colors with groovy illustrations and vinyl records for the ’60s and ’70s, neon lights and block-like letters, with a cassette tape and VHS for the ‘80s. And for the ‘90s nostalgia, there are graffiti, skateboards, CDs, and grunge and punk as inspiration.

Image by Alterio Felines from Pixabay 

Tarot Cards

Mysticism, symbolism, and hidden meaning, all play a part in making tarot cards a great idea for a t-shirt print. Even without it, tarot cards have magnificent drawings on them, very colorful and interesting. 

With added symbolism behind every detail, it’s an explosion of information that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can create your own version of the card, making details more your own. The card you’ve chosen and your accents on the details can be a message from you, some kind of a statement.

Final Thoughts

The summer is right around a corner, bringing warmth, more colors, and joy. These popular designs play right into that, almost like they’re trying to make it more groovy than any summer before. Exaggerated colors, fonts, and art are practically saying “let’s go all out”. 

So choose a tee because it’s so versatile and comfortable, and decide on the graphic design. A simple text to relate the message or psychedelic multi-colored words, a simple line doodle or an over-the-top color-pop cartoon party; don’t worry, there’s plenty to pick from.