Looking For A Job Made Easy With These 4 Steps

Unemployment rates have been off the roof since the pandemic started. Many companies laid off their employees while others implemented significant pay cuts. This pushed more people into the job market. While some are simply looking for a better-paying opportunity, others are ready to jump on any opening that comes their way. Whatever the case, we believe the following steps will help you find and secure the job you need.

How To Look For A Job

  • Polish Your Resume

Your resume is your number one marketing tool. Employers will interact with you and your skills through the resume long before they give you the chance to market yourself face-to-face. Therefore, to increase the chances of securing that interview, you have no choice but to create a perfect resume. There are many platforms like Jooble, where, if you have an optimized CV, you can easily get the job that you desire.

Building a good resume is nowhere as hard as it used to be. There are dozens of websites and mobile apps that provide hundreds of templates to create your ideal CV. Some of these platforms are free, while others have a one-off payment or a subscription program. Take full advantage of these websites to create a visually attractive CV filled with the right content to convince the hiring manager that you are the perfect person for the job.

Speaking of, what should be included in your resume? Hiring agencies recommend focusing on the past 10 or so years of your working experience. Don’t worry if your experience doesn’t stretch that long. Many employers are willing to give candidates an opportunity so long as they have the relevant qualifications and experience. 

Another mistake you need to avoid is using the same resume for everything. While you may be applying for the same position in different companies, it’s important to modify your resume to address some of the specific needs each company may have. This is even more important when writing an application or cover letter. Alternatively, if you wanted some help to write a great resume, you could work with somewhere like this resume service in texas to craft the perfect representation of you and show potential employers exactly what you could bring to their company. 

Besides your resume, make sure your profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are polished as well. Data shows that hiring managers review social profiles of candidates checking for their suitability and potential red flags. It’s critical that the review reflects your skills and the key competencies necessary for the job.

  • Identify Relevant Job Listings

There are too many job listings out there to go through each one of them. To avoid wasting time and effort on the irrelevant ones, make a targeted search based on the specific company or job you want. This means using the relevant keywords to find hiring agencies and websites that will help you with your unique job search.

You can use niche sites to find jobs around a specific profession like engineering and marketing. These sites will let you narrow your search even further with filters like salary, location, level of the position, etc. This significantly reduces the amount of time wasted looking for a job.

Working with a recruiter is also a great way to enhance your search. You have to pay for their services, but you’ll benefit hugely from their vast experience in the job market.

  • Expand And Utilize Your Networks

Networking can help you get a job you didn’t even know existed. Studies show that a good percentage of openings are never advertised externally. Employers will fill these vacancies using their intracompany channels and referrals.

To maximize your chances of securing such opportunities, you must utilize the professionals on your contact list, LinkedIn, and other platforms. 

And how do you expand your network? Use Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook professional groups link individuals in the same profession from different backgrounds. Not only can you find colleagues from your state, but you’ll also get a chance to interact with international professionals that can open your eyes to new opportunities.

Reddit is another decent platform for networking. Github, too, works really well, especially for people in the tech world.

  • Get Ready For The Interview

Start preparing for an interview as early as possible. There are many details to prepare for, but understanding the values of a company and the requirements of the position in question should be the top priority. 

Do your research and find out what the company stands for and what its projects involve. Look at the job description of the opening you applied for and start matching its expectations to your skills and experience. 

What To Do When Waiting To Hear Back After An Interview

  • Notify Your References

The last thing you want is a hiring manager contacting one of your references only to find them unaware and totally clueless. Speak to your referees and tell them about the company as well as the position and its requirements. This will help them respond better to any inquiries the manager may make.

  • Consider A Short Course

It’s good to increase your skills during your job search. This increases your employability and may also help to tame the anxiety that comes with waiting for a call from the hiring manager. 

This will also open your eyes to the other opportunities you can use to make money in the meantime. Marketers at Stans Gigs report that individuals can use their knowledge to do focus groups and surveys and earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. This is decent enough to meet some of your basic needs and avoid the desperation associated with job hunting.

  • Keep Looking

It’s okay to pursue other opportunities while waiting to hear back from the job. So, keep looking and applying for other openings. Who knows, you may end up having to choose between several brilliant offers.

  • Stay Patient

It’s not uncommon for candidates to experience anxiety and other issues after an interview. Try to stay calm and patient during the wait. Don’t keep checking your inbox every hour and avoid making aggressive follow-ups.

Hopefully, the above guide will put you on the right path towards securing your dream job. Don’t forget to maintain a positive mindset during this challenging phase of your career.