Living & Working in North Bay: What To know

Are you looking for a small, lively North American city to live in? Well, North Bay should be at the top of your list. The Canadian city that is located in the Nipissing District has slightly over 50,000 residents. It is a few kilometers northeast of Ontario, about a 30-minute drive. It is also easily accessible from Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto, being about a 4-hour drive from both Ottawa and Toronto and about a 6-hour drive from Montreal.

You can tell from its home district that the city is close to Lake Nipissing and that its traditions and culture are largely influenced by the Nipissing First Nation people. North Bay is very welcoming to new immigrants. It offers a unique blend of massive job opportunities, a diverse community, a fairly thriving economy for business, and excellent amenities for a city its size. Perhaps that is why in 2019, the city was listed among the best cities for immigrants during the maiden Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program launched.

With that in mind, here are a few more facts about North Bay that you need to know about before choosing to live or work in the city:

Panoramic views

This city is sandwiched between Lake Nipissing and Trout Lake. That alone tells you how picturesque, beautiful sunsets around here are. Just find yourself a house that gives you a panoramic view of the city and every night overlooking the city, and the lakes, under the lights will be a miraculous night. The city also has beautiful parks and recreational facilities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Economic advantages

50,000 is a huge enough population for almost all kinds of businesses to thrive in. The city is well connected to other North American cities, so businesses operating here have it easy when ferrying goods and services to and from larger Canadian and U.S. markets. There also is low cost serviced industrial land for ambitious businesses to expand on. It is safe to say that the city is a business friendly community. In terms of employment, the city is home to hundreds of both local and multinational corporations. It is fairly easy to find employment here regardless of your qualifications.


There are multiple housing options for people in the North Bay. The city has both a rural and an urban portion, which combined totals to the following 7 areas: Birchaven, Thibeault Terrace, Airport Hill, Pinewood, Ferris, Graniteville, and Central. All areas are safe to live in and have easy access to most of the city’s amenities. The only difference between them is home values, as expected, the urban and suburban homes being a little pricier compared to rural North Bay homes. You can find yourself a home that is within your set budget and then hire a reputable siding contractor to redo your siding and a few home renovations to make the home cozier and inject your personal preferences and style.


North Bay has all the amenities you need as a private citizen. There is lots of greenery, lots of open spaces, and enough fresh air for everyone. Tap water here is fresh and safe for drinking. There is electricity around the clock. Some of the biggest live theatres in northern Ontario are based here. There are outdoor concerts, you can take canoe rides if you wish, and there are long stretches of sandy beaches. On Saturdays, you can buy foods at very affordable prices from the local, really nice farmers’ market. Lastly, the regional health care facility here is reliably high quality and the city boasts of an extensive educational infrastructure. You can easily find a walk-in clinic or if you need a family doctor, it is not too tedious to register with one.

Outdoor activities

North Bay has an exciting arts and cultural life to keep you excited and engaged. From the many Culture Days, to the free concerts at the Kiwanis BandShell, to street dancing and painting competitions, to boating and water sports, there is always a festival or a special event for your taste. You can also take local swim lessons and swim or take a cruise ship at the waterfront on Lake Nipissing. The city is also safe for walkers, skaters, runners, and cyclists. There is also a magnificent walkway along the lake adorned by a public marina, beautiful gardens, and a museum.


North Bay has a very low crime rate. The community is small and safe and there have never been any cases of terrorism reported in decades.

Cost of Living

In terms of food, utilities, and transportation, North Bay is fairer than most cities in the US and Canada.