How to Save Space In A Small Home

Whether your home’s become more cluttered over the course of the pandemic, you’ve recently downsized or you’re renting with flatmates, trying to find room to switch off and relax can be tough. However, making the most of your space and storage options means you can enjoy your home, without having to sacrifice any of your belongings. 

Make the most of your wall space

Especially in smaller spaces, your walls are a great feature to make the most of when it comes to storing and showing off your books, trinkets, and nostalgic pieces. Rather than simply stacking your belongings, floating wall units, floor lamps and ceiling-to-floor shelves can help you fit everything in, without feeling cluttered. 

Get rid of your hot water tank

If you’re struggling to find space to store your towels and sheets, you might benefit from updating your boiler to a more modern system. Combi-boilers takes water directly from the mains, and so it is the perfect reason for hot water tank replacement. This will free up space for you to make use of a roomy cupboard, instead.

If you’re ready to make the switch to a combi-boiler, BOXT has a wide range of the most innovative boilers on the market, alongside competitive pricing and next day delivery, so you can enjoy more space, without compromising on your heating, as soon as possible.  

Think about doubling up

For many of us making use of a makeshift home office, separating work from home can feel like a challenge. Squeezing a desk and working equipment into your home, especially if you’re already full to bursting, requires storage that will work even harder.

One way to get around this is by investing in furniture that can double up, depending on what you need it for. Items like a kitchen table with drawers to keep your laptop, notebooks and cables safe, or a sofa bed that can store spare bedding and towels inside it, can help you create space between each element of your home life, without compromising on the amount of space you have available.  Visit this great Koala sofa bed review to find out if it suits your style and needs.

Make the most of moveable storage units 

The longer you live in your home, the more belongings you are likely to accumulate. While you might find it difficult to part ways with your things to make more space, you could consider rearranging your storage boxes and shelving to keep things feeling fresh. Storage units are now more innovative, with plenty of options to suit your home, style and budget. Switching your storage options around means you can keep things nice and tidy, and add your personal touch to your space, too. 

Introduce greenery and light colours wherever you can 

It might seem counter-productive, but adding plants, cacti and flowers to your space can actually create a space-saving effect within your home. Adding natural points of interest will draw the eye, so especially if you have a lot of clutter around your home, beautiful plants and greenery can keep your home feeling calm and soothing. Similarly, painting your walls in light, bright colours where you can has a relaxing effect, helping light reflect, and making your space feel bigger. 

Swap out your shelving 

Even if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of cupboard space, knowing how to fill them properly can be tricky.  Stacking your plates and bowls, food tins and mugs in your cupboards can make things hard to find, and can easily lead to accidents when you’re in a rush. An easy way to take your cupboard storage up a notch is by incorporating smaller shelving within your space. This will make it easier to find the item you’re looking for, and help you fit more into your cupboards safely.