These days, the headband wigs popularity is skyrocketing. Everyone is debating how acceptable it is to have a limited amount of time. Of course, even you are an early wig wearer. You haven't discovered any problem. We should understand for whatever reason that wearing a headband is the right decision and Ishowbeauty will tell you in the same way how you can make a wig at home. With these letters, how do we get started?

Table of content:

Why wearing a wig is the right choice?

 How can you make a wig at home?

* What you need:

* Step about making wig:


  • Why wearing a headband wig is the right choice?

Easy to use:

The process of wearing this wig is so natural that natural people usually say that it is inside and wig. You do not need to paste or fix the ribbon. Additionally, when you wear a wig, you can make bread or pigtail. You can show off your normal hairline or shroud your hairline and edges.

Useful for beginners:

Notice is afraid to deal with the wig and their privileges are hanging over their heads. This wig has a blended look that is reasonable for making half and bottom hairdos which is effective in maintaining. It also has a pre-attached headband that makes the wig safer to wear.

No worries about the hairline:

You can style it according to your style. This moderate wig is thinking of a fast and helpful defensive ball. This is because the most beloved one is thinking because the pre-attached band does not slip out of place unless you remove the Velcro.

Unique style:

You can wear a chunkier headband once in a while or give you another look every day. Can carry a small headband. It makes you look new every day. Then, with different wigs, you get practically the same look every day.

Not a bad hair day:

This wig can help you when you need to twist up, feeling lazy, or have a bad day. However, choose the headband according to the event or where you are going.

  • How can you make a wig at home?

This is the most anticipated inquiry, and the proper answer is yes. You need the right direction and the things that help you make a headband wig. Looking forward we also offer you simple steps to make a wig at home.

What you need:

* Headband or hairpiece hat

  • Hair Extensions / Old Wigs

* Scissors


* Canvas head

  • Wig brush/wig clips

* Comb

* Straight or curved needle

  • T-pin


  • Step about making wig:

Step 1: Secure the hairpiece cap on the material head.

Change the material head on the stand. Put a hairpin cap on the female head. Secure the hairpiece cap to the ideal spot with T-pins on the material head. This process requires a T-pin on the hairpin's cap band at the front and back.

Step 2: Secure the headband to the wig cap.

Take the headband that was purchased to attach to the wig to make the headband wigs. This headband is in a round structure; Cut it in half. It is currently in a straightforward structure.

Place the spot headband on the wig cap while keeping the headband piece slightly above the wig band. Secure this space with tee pins to the back of the ears. So far, you have unstable parts of the headband on the roughness of the material head of the neck.

We suggest that you put the background of the headband where its craze is visible in this circle. With the intention that when you wear a wig and choose to fold the attached headband, the seam will not lose look.

Step 3: Sew the headband to the hairpiece cap.

Take the currently twisted needle with double the wire. Start sewing it from the middle front and sew on both sides. Try not to sew the unstable parts you have left on the rough area of ​​the neck. If it's not too much trouble, note that the headband does not fit on the wig band; it will end. In addition, try to tie the headband deliberately so that the headband does not burst.

Step 4: Add the first track to the wig cap.

Take the basic track from the old-growth and secure it with T-pins on the bottom of the wig. Use a double wire twisted needle. Include straps in each so that the wafers do not leave their place. It is possible to get tangled in the hair all the time, so use a thin brush in the hair so that different creatures can stay away from more knots and go further.

Step 5: Add more tracks:

When you seal the main track, continue to include the back of the material head in this path. At this point, when you reach the top of the material head, it begins to form a U-shape. At this point, the U-form is becoming more and more common as you reach the front of the head by adding Velcro. For now, you will need a slightly smaller width to cover the front of the head.

Step 6: Adding brushes/clips and Velcro.

Currently, hair is installed/stitched everywhere in place of hair, and headbands are attached.

This is a great opportunity to add a wig brush/cut inside the hairpiece hat. Introduce front and back brushes. Additionally, add Velcro to the two complementary sides of the extra headband, which we have left behind the material head.

Step7: Cut off the wig headband.

As mentioned above, wig cap, not wig band. Even the headband is sewn on the hairpiece hat. Cutting the wig band is the right decision as it is hard to wear.


Wig lovers need to make a headband wig at home, so here are some ways to make it.

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