Gifting 100 Years Ago Today: Simple Guide For Evergreen Gifts

Just Because A Gift Isn’t “New” Doesn’t Change Its Value
For an evergreen tree, there is no “autumn”. Certainly, there may be periods when wind or rain cause such trees to shed needles. The point is, with such trees, though winter comes, they retain their green. They’re designed to withstand the change in seasons. Accordingly, “evergreen” gifts don’t care about societal trends. Such gifts are good regardless.

There are a number of different gifts which will always be appropriate for someone in your life. Some things were given over a hundred years ago, just as they are today, and they’ve lost none of their admirable qualitative impact. Here we’ll briefly explore 5 gift ideas that are at least a hundred years old which still hold up to this day.

  1. A Chess Set Made Of Marble Or Artful Glass
    Certainly, you don’t have to go the “expensive” route here, but there are all kinds of chess sets which are ornately made and carefully carved. Pieces have weight, and even the chess board may be some half-inch thick conglomeration of glass or marble. They’ve been making chess sets like these for well over a hundred years. Some sets are known to go back to 1790.

Of course, this gift may not be best for someone who doesn’t play chess—but then again, such sets may still be a good buy. Have you ever been in a living or gaming room without either a checkers or a chess set? It’s almost a fixture necessary to a home; like a paper towel holder, or soap in the bathroom. Chess is integral, and someone without a set may love one.

Even if they don’t play chess, this sort of gift looks good in a house, and lends it a sort of elusive quality of genteel civility. So the gift transcends time, and has a collateral positive effect as well.

  1. Vacations To Tropical Locales Paid In Advance
    The British used to vacation down in India, during the 1800s—well, those Britons who had the resources, anyway. So all-expense paid vacations to foreign locales is a tradition that stretches back many years.

You might buy your friend a vacation. For loved ones, close friends, family, acquaintances, and even peers at work, a vacation for a weekend is a great gift.

  1. A Solid, Spacious, Portable Wallet
    Every man needs a wallet, and even ladies are beginning to carry them around these days owing to the miniaturization of on-person items (debit cards hold endless cash), and overall convenience. That said, there still does tend to be a stylistic difference between a man’s wallet, and one designed for the ladies.

Men’s wallets tend to be more compact, more durable, and easier to port around in the pocket all day; whereas a wallet for a lady will commonly have many different pockets and be a bit more oblong in shape.

All that being said, wallets are an excellent gift and have been for well over a hundred years. You might try shopping through the selection of fine men’s wallet producers like Real Mens Wallets to find just the right one.

  1. A Set Of Artistically Ornate Russian Nesting Dolls
    Russian nesting dolls are about 130 years old; the first set being made in approximately 1890. Like chess sets, these gifts have an aesthetic quality which makes them almost a must-have for any socially relevant household. This is a great gift for someone of all ages. Kids have fun playing with the multiple dolls inside, and adults enjoy the artistic relevance of these pieces.
  2. The Tried And True Gift Of The Ages: Fine Jewelry
    Jewelry has been around for hundreds—thousands—of years, and it’s just as fine a gift today as the first time some human in ancient society chiseled a rock, forced it into a metal receptacle, linked together some tiny chain, and draped it on the neck of a royal lady.

Jewelry is for men and women, also. It can be in the form of earrings, necklaces, piercings, rings for the hand, or even a golden watch chain—it just depends on the budget, and it depends on the person. Jewelry will always be a good gift, though, because it can even expand in value over time—depending on the circumstances, of course.

Finding The Perfect Evergreen Gift
Whether you’re giving someone fine jewelry, nesting dolls, a good wallet, a vacation paid in advance, or a finely-wrought chess set, there are definitely gifts that were given out a hundred years ago which have just the same level of positive impact today. Be creative.

Look at the person for whom you’re buying, and the budget you’ve got available, then get something good. Remember, it’s the thought that counts anyway. So provided you’re sincere, whether or not the gift resonates, the thought involved will be what moves the person to whom you’re giving.