Fixed Braces vs Aligners: What Should I Choose?

Orthodontic treatment is becoming so much more popular nowadays as there are so many options to choose from. People tend to choose the treatment option that they can afford or the options that are easier to suit their lifestyle and personal circumstances. Two of the most popular options when it comes to treatment are fixed braces and aligners. Both give the same result (straight teeth), but they differ in various ways.

With aligners for a long time the only option was the original and expensive Invisalign. But now the best Invisalign alternatives  are much cheaper using modern methods of virtual consultations and mail-order impression kits.

If you are currently sitting on the fence and can’t decide whether to choose fixed braces or aligners, you’ve come to the right article! Keep reading for a guide to help you make the right decision. Either way, you won’t regret it.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are one of the most popular options when it comes to orthodontic treatment, mainly because they are cheaper and don’t require a lot of effort from the patient’s point of view. Small metal brackets are connected to each tooth and each bracket is connected by a wire and rubber bands to pull the teeth into the desired position. What’s great about fixed braces is that they are fixed, and don’t require any upkeep. This is a great option for people who live busy lifestyles as they might only need to heat to their healthcare professional to get their brace tightened every so often. 

Fixed braces can be kept on for any length of time, but it’s usually between one to five years. Ultimately, it depends on how much work you need done and the current state of your oral health. Although fixed braces do tend to be easier to deal with in the long run, this doesn’t mean that you can brush your teeth as normal a couple of times per day. Instead, you have to invest in some tools to keep your teeth clean and healthy such as an electric toothbrush, interdental brushes and mouthwash. 

Clear aligners 

Clear aligners (also known as clear braces) deliver the same results as fixed braces, however, they differ in treatment. Rather than having a brace fixed to the teeth, an aligner is placed over your teeth for a certain amount of time each day. People can wear their aligner while they sleep during the night and take it out the next morning, but this usually depends on what’s recommended by the provider. 

Alike fixed braces, clear aligners are also very affordable and suit busier lifestyles as they can be taken on and off. With that being said, it is usually easier to keep your teeth clean as there is no wire for food to get stuck in. Take some time to find out more information about clear braces before you make your decision. 

Final thoughts 

Overall, the decision to invest in a specific treatment can be quite daunting. However, it will be easier if you consider your finances and personal circumstances. Plus, will you be able to keep up with your treatment plan? Do your research and weigh up your options and remember that your dental professional will be able to guide your decision.