Find Your Perfect Bling: A Quick Guide to Diamond Color

Did you know that almost 15 billion dollars worth of diamonds is produced each year? Their applications range from industrial to aesthetic and everything in between.

But their primary use is in jewelry, as they are some of the most beautiful stones found on the earth. Furthermore, their natural strength gives them longevity despite daily wear and tear.

When it comes to jewelry, the most difficult decision you make is what diamond color to pick. Most people think diamonds are always clear, but actually, there's a wide range of colors and tints available. These can impact the value and look of the stone.

If you're looking for diamond buying tips, read on. This article will provide you with a complete guide to diamond color. 

How Is Diamond Color Graded?

It's actually incredibly rare to find a diamond that has no color at all. Most diamonds have some level of tint, whether pink, green, blue, yellow, or more.

The Gemological Institute of America created a standardized scale for diamond color saturation. The scale ranges from D to Z. Former scales ranged from A to C, so when standardizing the scale GIA started at D to avoid confusion. 

Most diamonds are intended to be colorless and are rated on this scale to quantify the purity of the color. General ratings are as follows:

  • D-F rating: colorless
  • G-J rating: near-colorless
  • K-M rating: faint yellow
  • N-R rating: very light yellow
  • S-Z rating: light yellow

Without professional tools, color differences are difficult to see with the naked eye. They do, however, have an impact on price and value.

Other stones are classified as "fancy" and can feature different diamond colors. These will have a dominant body color, like pink, blue, or gray, as well as a secondary color. For example, a brownish pink diamond is primarily pink with a brown overtone. 

Selecting a Diamond

Colorless diamonds are the rarest, and also the highest quality. They are considered the purest "icy" diamonds. 

Very lightly colored diamonds appear colorless to the naked eye. They're not as expensive as colorless diamonds, which makes them great value for their quality. 

Faint color diamonds are the most budget-friendly pick. They are slightly tinted with a warm yellow or brown, which makes them a great choice for a gold setting. 

When shopping for a clear diamond, it's best to find a diamond with a tint so low that you don't notice it once it's in the setting. If the diamond looks clear to you, there's no need to spend more money on a higher color grade. It's best to invest that extra money in size, brightness, or clarity. 

These other factors like the cut, clarity, and polish of the diamond impact the price and quality of the stone. There are a lot of different scales that classify these features, so read through a great guide before diamond shopping. 

Keep These Diamond Buying Tips in Mind

Next time you go diamond shopping, make sure to keep these tips for buying diamonds in mind. Armed with a bit of knowledge, you can find the best diamond color for your preferences and budget. 

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