Could You Follow In Justin Bieber's Footsteps?

No one under the age of 30 can say they haven't heard of Justin Bieber. The pop star started his career in his teens when a record label marketing executive stumbled upon videos of him singing on YouTube. He started a trend of aspiring musicians uploading their music online in hopes of gaining international fame and recognition. Here’s how you can do that too.

Spotify Is A Hub For Amateur Artists

Anyone can upload their music on Spotify, and market their page to get more listeners. You can even use services like Jaynike to help you grow your Spotify page and bring yourself close to reaching your goal. 

Spotify has a large database of music available, with a variety of both amateur and professional (well-known) artists. This means listeners don’t mind listening to aspiring artists on the platform. Additionally, you will be able to earn ad-generated revenue through Spotify, so you can skip the struggling artist phase of your career. 

You Can Use YouTube and Other Social Media

Like we mentioned earlier, Justin Bieber caught his break on YouTube. There’s nothing keeping you from doing the same. All you need is a camera and a high-quality microphone, and a few editing skills. Interacting with fans on social media is also a great way to grow your career online.

Keep in mind that record labels will probably only invest in artists they think are worthy of their time. In the past, there was a lot of guesswork needed to decide which artist to sponsor. Nowadays, engagement on social media is a good way for record labels to gauge the potential popularity of an aspiring artist. So make sure you are doing everything you can to get more followers and listeners on social media (or Spotify). 

Tips On How To Get More People Listening

Nowadays, social media is the go-to method for marketing anything and everything. That obviously applies to music as well. However, it’s worth mentioning that you should try to have a social media presence, and not merely a promotional social media page. What does that mean? It means that you shouldn’t be constantly posting nothing but promotional content. Post selfies and other relevant social media content. It is an excellent way to interact with your audience and remind them that you are a person like them - it gives them a way to empathize with you. 

For example, you could post a photo with your outfit of the day on Instagram, or join a TikTok challenge. The more people interact with you, the more they will feel like they know you. Of course, this means they will keep following and listening to your music (even if it’s just once). Then, social media algorithms will recommend you to more people, further increasing your popularity. As your music gets  more popular, you will be more noticeable in the eyes of record labels, and you’re one step closer to making your dreams of becoming an established artist come true.