Beauty Treats to Relax and Recover from a Stressful Week

After a stressful week, there is nothing like treating yourself and pampering your skin. It is a great way to relax and recharge, and to end the treatments with a confidence boost is an added bonus!  

Here are some ways you can pamper yourself with beauty treatments to relax after a stressful week:

Take a luxurious bath

A hot bath is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the week. It relaxes your muscles and gives you some dedicated ‘me time’, where you can indulge in bath additions to make it the perfect experience for you. For example, you can add bath salts, diffuse essential oils around your bathroom, light a couple candles, drink an herbal tea, and layer on some luxurious products, like the Blue Lagoon skin treatments for example, for the ultimate indulgence.

And if you don’t have a tub, no problem! You can add bath salts and essential oils to your shower so that you get the aromatherapy and relaxation, and do all the same treatments for that incredible spa experience. 

Exfoliate your face and apply a sheet mask

Exfoliation is an important step in any skincare routine, and giving your skin a little extra TLC is a great way to not only care for yourself and your skin but also to relax. So take the time to properly exfoliate your face and go in with a sheet mask to follow with your feet up! 

Do a hair treatment

A hair treatment is something that you will see and feel the immediate effect of. It’s something that may get put on the back burner during a busy week but when you’re ready to wind down, gently brush out your hair and apply your mask of your choosing.

An at home pedicure

A pedicure is an instant boost, whether or not you do them regularly. So when you want to unwind, bring out your at-home pedicure kit and use your favorite color! Don’t skimp on the steps and instead do the full pedicure routine including proper removal of any existing nail polish, nail care, and foot care. Be sure to apply a moisturizing product to your feet afterwards for the best care and a top coat for a long-lasting color stay if you choose to use a nail polish

Moisturize your skin with lotions and oils

Moisturizing your skin with lotions and oils is hopefully a part of your weekly routine, and when you are ready to destress, this is the time to bring this out! When applying oils to your face, trying using a jade roller or doing gua sha for an added relaxing step. It will not only help the oil absorb into your skin, but it will also help depuff your skin as well. You can also focus the gua sha tool around your temples and jaw to help reduce any tension in these common spots where people hold stress.  

Do you have any specific ways or tips you like to recover from a stressful week?