Amazing Health Ideas Every Dedicated Vegan Should Consider 

There is much debate over whether veganism is a healthy lifestyle choice but as more people embrace the vegan way of life what are the advantages and how can you be sure you’re getting what you need for optimum health?

Love of animals

Most people go vegan because of their love of the creatures we share our planet with. Many animals are treated inhumanely so that humans can enjoy meat, eggs, and dairy. Veganism is the ideology that challenges the cruelty and exploitation of innocent creatures. Factory farming is responsible for the misery of millions of animals a year. Vegans adopt a lifestyle that uses non-animal products in anything they purchase. Clothes, beauty products, and food are all animal-friendly.

Vegans support the fight against cruelty and the systematic destruction of our planet, they fully adhere to strict rules that govern the consumption of non-eco-friendly goods. Vegans’ animal-friendly lifestyle shows they are fully committed to showing compassion to every living thing. They recognize the vulnerability of creatures and understand that they have feelings and emotions the same as humans.


Despite the debate, veganism when followed correctly is a very healthy diet. Following a strict diet helps you become more mindful about what you put in your body which encourages overall health. Fast food and ready meals may be convenient but they are not nutritious and filled with fat, sugar, and salt.

A well-planned vegan diet will provide enough essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, B12, and Zinc. How can you ensure you get what you need?

Meat-eating people heavily rely upon red meat and chicken as their source of protein. But there are plenty of other sources to consider. Plant-based foods such as beans, peas, and lentils are highly nutritious, and adding these to your diet each day will provide your body with enough protein.

Omega 3 is vital for the healthy functioning of many bodily processes and is primarily found in fish. The professionals behind Omvits point out that you can also find these healthy acids in nuts, seeds, and chia. If you don’t like nuts or have an allergy you could add supplements to your daily routine, which are vegan friendly and contains 100% omega 3 oil from naturally sourced algae.

You should add plenty of leafy green vegetables to ensure you get an adequate supply of B12, C, and D. Plant-based milk is good for calcium along with fruit juices and nut butter.

Avoiding animal-based products also reduce the number of harmful chemicals and pesticides you consume. Pesticides are added to crops and that feed animals and hormones are added to animal food to increase production. This creates a vicious cycle of harm and misery.

The fact is, no one needs meat to survive. There are plenty of plant-based options that can nourish the body with more than enough nutrients without ever allowing a burger to pass our lips.

A vegan diet is also great if you need to lose weight. Plant-based whole food is naturally low in calories and by focusing on protein-rich meals you will stay fuller for longer. You don’t need a ready meal, frozen food, or dairy-based desserts, your waistline will thank you.

Fellow humans

Often overlooked is the issue of constant animal feeding. To keep up with demand the world farmers produce bumper crops to feed millions of animals. Yet why are there still hungry people in the world? The amount of food it takes to feed farmed animals is astronomical. If everyone embraced veganism there would be less waste and plenty of crops and food to feed all those in need as well as lots of happy and safe animals. According to the hunger project, 690 million people in the world are severely undernourished, which’s staggering considering there is more than enough food and a tremendous amount of waste each year.

Slaughterhouse workers are often underpaid and vulnerable. Witnessing the death of thousands of defenseless animals each day takes a psychological toll on staff; they too are victims of the industry contributing to a worldwide humanitarian crisis.

Mindful consuming


In the rat race of modern society, it’s easy to slip into consuming food, clothes, and other necessary items with a minimal thought process. Adopting a vegan mindset is vital for fully committing to a true vegan lifestyle. Thinking about where our food comes from and how our products are made requires a unique adaptation of thinking and it may take a while to fully transition. However, the brain is great at adopting new habits and with practice, it will become second nature to investigate what we consume. It may be that you have to purchase fewer items because of the moral issues associated with cheaply produced clothes and shoes. Choose certified vegan-friendly clothing to ensure good quality and show you care about the humanitarian crisis.

More and more brands are recognizing the importance of supporting humanitarian efforts and realize that the abuse and murder of animals have no place in fashion and many retailers offer a great choice of clothing that is stylish, comfortable, and vegan friendly.  Be sure to read labels on all clothing and products,  if they aren’t visible speak to the shop assistant for confirmation.

Experimental cooking

Another positive for vegan eating is the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen. If you’re a foodie and enjoy trying new things, switching to a plant-based diet is great for finding new recipes and discovering unique foods. There are a plethora of meals that use less common vegetables and food products. With a little research, you can find online retailers that specialize in vegan food items. Experimenting with flavors and unusual ingredients will prevent your diet from feeling bland and fuel your creativity; what’s not to love!

If cooking isn’t your thing there is still an increasing selection of meat-free foods and alternatives in most mainstream supermarkets. You can also find many vegan options when dining in restaurants so be sure to look out for the logo. 

Changing to a vegan lifestyle is admirable, and although challenging, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you aren’t contributing to suffering, you’re staying healthy and you're supporting the greater good! That’s got be worth it.