8 Health and Safety Tips for Those Who Travel Abroad Frequently

We all love a nice vacation, granted that it's safe, we are healthy, and there is nothing to worry about back at home. Every year almost 93 million Americans take foreign trips to other countries for tourism. Whether you are exploring the rich architecture of Europe or the fascinating flavors of Asia, there is always a possibility of getting in an accident. 

Tourists are an easy target for local thieves. Other than that, you can also get in an accident all by yourself. For instance, a car accident injury may leave you in shock and destroy your entire plan. 

If you are looking for ways to stay safe, this article is precisely what you need. Here are some valuable tips to stay safe in a foreign country:

Keep Track of Your Surroundings 

This is why you are there. You want to explore the surroundings and know more about the beauty and wonders of that place. It is usual for tourists to get distracted easily and start looking around. Exploring is not a problem as long as you are cautious about your belongings and surroundings. Major tourist attractions like London Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Pisa Tower, etc., are hotspots for pickpockets. You never know the little kid standing next to you is only there for that waist bag you have on. Keep close to your family and maintain a healthy distance from people. If someone randomly tries to come close to you, ask them to excuse your personal space. After all, nothing is better than your safety.

Purchase Travel Insurance 

Many people don't take this seriously, but travel insurance can go a long way when it comes to the protection of your health and safety. You can purchase travel insurance for health, car, and rental when you go to a foreign country. For short trips that last less than a week, it's okay to not go through a complete process of buying insurance, given that you stay really safe throughout the journey. However, if you plan to go on an extended vacation, make a legal effort to purchase insurance. Imagine a scenario where you get hospitalized due to severe car wreck injuries at a hospital. If the medical bills of this country are way too much than you can afford, insurance will be there to support you financially. This is why you always take time out to buy travel insurance before heading out for a long vacation. 

Pack Enough Medicine 

A lot of people have medical complications and require daily doses of medication. For example, if you are diabetic, you must have insulin and regular glucose management tablets. Make sure to plan your expenses on how much medicine you will be needing while you are gone. Is that particular dose available in the country you are going to? Are prices different or not? Think of your convenience and plan a separate budget. Besides your regular medication, it is also safe to pack other medicines like something for headaches, period cramps, digestive distress, or sleeping pills. Make sure that your pharmacist recommends them with a prescription. 

Blend in with The Crowd 

We all like to stand out among other people but, if you are a tourist in foreign lands, try to blend in with the people. If a local criminal suspects that you are a tourist, they may target you. Even the local taxi drivers sometimes scam tourists. They recognize tourists by the way they dress, act and speak around locals. Avoid hanging a camera in your neck or dressing up completely different from what the locals are used to seeing. Avoid asking strangers about the way, and just do not tell people that you are new to the place. The Internet is your best friend. Use Google maps to navigate, TripAdvisor to find the best spots. We recommend that you plan your trip in advance before leaving, so the time is divided evenly. 

Remember Your Address 

The address of the place you are staying in is one of the most important things to remember. You can write it down in a notepad and keep it with you. Besides this, you should also store the contact details and address of your residence on your phone. Keep a power bank with you at all costs to eliminate the chances of battery running out. 

This way, it will be much easier to get back. A lot of hotels in tourist locations have English-speaking staff. However, if you get lost, it's not 100% certain that locals may know English. Therefore, always memorize the address in their native language. Before you get frazzled and ask a random person, observe around you and see someone who seems like a good person. Trust your gut, but a logical piece of advice is that people with families are trustworthy.

Carry Protection 

Many tourists, especially women, fear their safety when traveling in unknown places with unknown people. If you are alone - the fear seems genuine as well. In such a scenario, your utmost focus should be on your personal safety. Although this may not come in your use because millions of good people in this world, you may seem safe having specific equipment. Protective items such as a pepper spray or a taser (authorized) may seem like useful tools if you feel insecure about your safety. Be quick to judge people and never ever show that you are scared in a foreign land. We never know when someone changes their mind. If someone keeps approaching you even after you tell them off, respond really quickly. 

Leave Information with Concerned People

When you leave your hotel or rental property to explore the city, make sure that the staff/homeowners back at home know about your plans. Now you don't have to tell them every detail you wish to pull, but a general outline of where you intend to go may help you in case of any emergency. Leave your primary information at the front desk. You should also stay in touch with your family or friends, letting them know what you are up to. If you are somewhere dangerous, make sure that you are packed with power banks for your phone, food supply, and an unlimited amount of internet. Having the facility to contact someone helps you a long way. Even if you are getting a minor treatment like whiplash care, inform the management about your visit to the hospital. 

Wear Comfortable Clothing 

If you have to walk around a lot and be constantly on the go, pick some really comfortable clothes. Dress up only when you have access to vehicles and do not have to travel a lot. For instance, wearing heels to an exotic Sunday brunch with a dress may seem like a good idea. If you want to walk around a lot, wear something much more comfortable - trainers and t-shirts, for example. 


Traveling to foreign countries is a dream many of us share. However, few people live their dream. No matter how much of an experienced traveler you are, keep in mind the above-discussed health and safety concerns to have a safe trip. No matter how prosperous the country, there is always a chance to run into a bit of mischief.