7 Must-Have Additions to Your Vacation Home

It's that time of year again. Time to get out and explore the world, travel, and find a nice place to relax and have some fun with family and friends. Summer is a time for vacations and while some may hit the road in an RV or pop a tent, the undisputed king of getaways has to be the vacation home. Owning a vacation home is like having a guaranteed oasis in the desert of your work year. It's always there, you don't have to book it, and you can design it exactly how you want it. Are you at a loss for what to equip your vacation home with? Never fear! Here are a few ideas that are sure to please and create that perfect home away from home. 

  1. Swimming Pool

It's hard not to imagine a vacation without a refreshing dip in a pool. Even if your vacation home is on the coast, sometimes it's nice to float around your own sheltered and clean pool. They don't have to break the bank either; just search for affordable inground swimming pool costs and you will find many possibilities. Both you and the kids will love splashing and cooling off after a long day. Investing in a pool is a classic vacation home move and will pay off in fun and increased home value. 

  1. Jacuzzi or Spa

While you're at it, why not go the extra mile and add a jacuzzi next to the pool? Nothing beats coming home after a long day hiking the trails, or playing those beach sports and slipping into a relaxing spa. If space is a problem, it's okay! You can easily and affordably upgrade your master suite bathroom to include an in-tub spa and get the same effect, with the added bonus of complete privacy. 

  1. Game Room

A game room is a great choice when adding amenities to your vacation home. It's easy to customize a game room, just decide what games or activities you, your family, or your friends enjoy doing on a rainy day. Options are endless, from table tennis and air hockey to card games like poker or bridge. Be sure to add some seating options for when it's not your turn or for spectators. Have fun decorating your game room with team posters or fancy score-keeping devices. 

  1. Fire Pit

It's not a vacation without s'mores and stories around a fire. A built-in fire pit is a must for any vacation home. Fire pits are an easy DIY weekend project and can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. Plans can be found with a quick internet search and supplies readily available at your local big-box hardware store. If you would like to keep it minimal and you have the supplies on hand, a functional fire pit/ring can be made from found stones. The memories you make around the fire will be treasured forever. 

  1. Pizza Oven

If you love to cook, love the outdoors, and love pizza, turn that simple fire pit concept into a full-blown pizza oven. Like with the fire pit, outdoor wood-fired pizza oven plans are all over the internet. Admittedly, they are more complex to plan and build and the supply cost is a little higher than with a fire pit, but to be able to put out a fresh artisan pizza in front of your guests is priceless. 

  1. Theater

Not everyone wants to unwind at their vacation home outside. Maybe the weather has driven you inside or you can't stand the bugs anymore. This is when it's nice to have a movie theater room in your vacation home. A big flat screen tv is nice but it can be expensive and they are not portable. Projectors are the way to go. You can find quality high definition projectors for less than a tv and they can project up to 120 inches! Grab a screen while you're at it and you not only have your movie room almost set up, but you can take it on the go too! Imagine a movie under a starlit sky. You can make it happen. 

  1. Bar or Wine Cellar

For the grown-up vacation home consider installing a bar or a wine cellar. Winery/ brewery tours are hugely popular and you will need a place to enjoy your tour souvenirs. Wouldn't it be nice after a long day traveling to your vacation home to know you have a fully stocked bar waiting for you? You can also lay down a little treat in your wine clear for the next visit. Entertaining will be a breeze if you already have all the equipment and beverages handy. 

There are endless ways to deck out your vacation home. Not all will break the bank but all are sure to please and entertain.